Heavy Duty Duct Tape Brief Case/instant Workspace

Introduction: Heavy Duty Duct Tape Brief Case/instant Workspace

I invented this after two restless nights trying to come up with something that might win in the duct tape and cardboard contest. It's a brief case that has a good amount of space inside, and can flip open into a small workspace with two convenient drawer on each side. It's useful, appeals to people of all ages, and is complex, but not so hard that 90% of people with throw it down half way through in frustration. These are instructions for a 12" x 18" x 4" brief case, so if you need a different size then you will need to change some measurements.

Step 1: Materials

Unfortunately, I just discovered that I forgot to take a picture of the materials, so you'll have to use the list alone(sorry). 1. Five or six large cardboard boxes(a little bigger than one cubic foot each) 2. Duct tape(two medium sized rolls) 3. A foot long ruler 4. A tape measure(at least ten feet long) 5. A pencil 6. A pocket knife or other small knife

Step 2: Start Cutting the Shapes

First you will need to make six slabs that are 12" x 18". It's fine if they have small dings or creases.

Step 3: Continued

Now you will need a strip of cardboard that's 4" x 10'. It's fine if it has breaks and minor dings and creases.

Step 4: Now to Smaller Pieces

Now make five boxes that are 4" x 12", and make a line diagonally through them. Cut these out. You should have ten pieces. It's better if these don't have creases or dings, but it's impossible to keep the thin ends from having some creases.

Step 5: Continued

Now make two pieces that are 4" x 12". Cut them out. These shouldn't have any dents or creases.

Step 6: Continued

Now make four boxes that are 4" x 12 3/4". These should not have any significant creases or dents. Cut them out.

Step 7: Finishing Cutting

Now make a box that's 9" x 16" and divide it lengthwise into three parts, each being 3" x 16". Now slice off the corners on one side so that they look like the picture. Now cut them out.

Step 8: Stop and Double Check

Now stop and check whether you have everything. You should have: 1. One 4" x 10' strip of cardboard 2. Six 12" x 18" slabs 3. Four pieces that are 4" x 12 3/4" 4. Two pieces that are 4" x 12" 5. Ten triangles that are 4" x 12" x 12 3/4" 6. Three pieces that are 3" x 16" Save the extra pieces that you cut off! You'll need these for some thing's later.

Step 9: Laying the Base

First, take two sheets of 12" x 18" and tape them together. Make sure any creases are not overlapping, because if they are the piece will bend more easily in that spot. Now make two lines from top to bottom of that piece that are four inches from the sides(see picture). Then, from your ten foot strip, take three feet and fold it over to get a piece that's 4" x 18" and tape it together as shown in the picture. Then tape it to the top of the 12" x 18" slab(see picture).

Step 10: Begin the Drawers

Now take four triangle pieces and duct tape them into two triangles as shown. Then duct tape them along the lines you made earlier to the base. Then fold the back up and duct tape it to the triangles. You need to make this strong as all your stuff will be resting on this piece(see picture).

Step 11: Make the Top of the Drawers

Now take all four 4" x 12 3/4" pieces and tape them together into two pieces as shown. Tape them onto the tops of the triangles, and tape them to the back and the base. It should now look like the picture.

Step 12: The Work Space

Now tape two of the 12" x 18" slabs together. Then tape it to the top of the back(see picture). Tape both sides to it(see picture).

Step 13: The Sides

Now take four feet from what was the ten foot strip and fold it so that it makes two double thick 4" x 12" pieces. Tape them together as shown in the picture so that one side is open. You may want to bend both sides so that they naturally bend away from each other(see picture). Now tape them, top and bottom, to the sides of the base so that the open sides are out.

Step 14: Starting the Actual Drawer

First take a strip of duct tape that's 4 1/2" long. Fold it over so that the sticky sides are no longer visible. Now make three more. Take one and put a piece of duct tape on it so that it covers about a half inch of the strip. Now tape that side into the back of the drawer case, at the wide side. Then do the same thing again except at the thin side of the case. Do it again on the other side of the brief case.

Step 15: The Base of the Drawer

Now take one of your 4" x 12" pieces and tape one side to the ends on the strips. Tape the strips to the top and the bottom of the piece. You may need to slice off a small part of the end to get it to slid easily in and out of the case. Do it again on the other side of the brief case.

Step 16: The Back of the Drawer

Mark a line about 2"-2 1/2" away from the big side of a triangle. Then cut the section off so that you are left with a slightly smaller triangle. Tape it to the side of the base of the drawer as shown in the picture. Do the same on the other side of the brief case.

Step 17: Putting in Dividers Part I

First take another shortened triangle and mark the hight on a piece of scrap cardboard where you want to put a divider. Make it into a piece 4" long and the hight necessary. Then cut it out and tape it into the drawer. Do this multiple times for multiple dividers. Do the same on the other side of the brief case.

Step 18: Putting in Dividers Part II

Take another shortened triangle and mark on it the distance between the earlier dividers. Cut them out to the necessary lengths and tape them into place. Do the same on the other side of the brief case.

Step 19: Finish the Drawers

Now take the last triangles and shorten them. Then tape them to the outsides of the drawers. Cut a handle space into the outsides(see picture). You should now be able to push the drawers into the drawer cases and close up the outside flap. When it's all open in should look like the last picture.

Step 20: The Last Big Piece

Tape the last two 12" x 18" pieces together so that one side is open(see picture). Tape it to the back of the brief case, top and bottom, as shown in the picture.

Step 21: Some More Strands

Take a 15" strand of duct tape and fold it over several times so that you end up with a strand that's around a quarter inch wide. Put a piece of tape on the end and tape it to the work space. Tape the other end to the back of the work space so that it leans back slightly, but doesn't fall back onto the ground. Do the same with another strip on the other side. It should now look like the last picture.

Step 22: Putting on Tabs

First, shorten two of the tabs to ten inches. Then tape them onto the sides of the back, top and bottom. You can now fold it down and insert these into the sides.

Step 23: The Last Side

You can now take the last part of your ten feet of cardboard and double it over and tape it together, making a piece that's 4" x 18". Now take a scrap piece of cardboard and cut out a piece thats roughly 1" x 10". Bend it do it looks like the picture. Now tape it firmly onto the 4" x 18" piece. Use plenty of duct tape, as the brief case and everything in it will be hanging on this. Add the last longer tab onto one side. Tape the side without a tab firmly onto the base of the brief case(see picture). Now insert the tab into the opening on the top of the back of the workspace(see picture).

Step 24: Final Touches

Take a strip of duct tape that's between 2' and 2 1/2' long. Fold it in half. Now put it onto another strip and fold the edges in. Do it again. Now measure it out to see how much you want to be able to hold(see picture). Very firmly tape the strip onto the side of the brief case. Once again, all your stuff will hang on this, so don't be shy with the amount of duct tape you use. Now if you want you can cover the outside with duct tape, or the outside and the inside. Due to lack of duct tape, time and money, I could only cover the outside.

Step 25: Finished!!

Now you can stop, stretch your legs, and admire what you have made. It can be used for lots of different things, and I loaded mine with books and it held up, so don't worry about strength. Feel free to comment if you have questions.

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