Heavy Lifting Tripod


Intro: Heavy Lifting Tripod

Say you need to lift the engine out of a car or pull up a well pump.  Well, unless you are curiously strong, these are tasks for which you will need a mechanical device to help you fight against the evil forces of gravity.  There does exist a video.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a good idea and a well constructed assembly as a lifting platform.

    With safety in mind, I would not recommend utilizing fence rail for your legs if you intend to be under the equipment being lifted. This rail is fairly thin (less than 1/8" typically) and not suited for large vertical loads. I've bent several of these rails over the years when they are at a longer length, short lengths (under 4' each) can usually handle small loads.

    I would recommend going back to the scrap yard and get some schedule 40 pipe to construct your legs out of. You can thread one end for future extensions using off the shelf fittings or thread on a base plate / cap to help prevent the assembly from sliding around.

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