Heavy Machine Gun

Introduction: Heavy Machine Gun

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Just in time for hallowe'en
The heavy machine gun, I project I had to try after my sub machine gun.
For a HMG its pretty light, my SMG weighs a bit more auctually :L
So anyway, bit of info on HMGs
1)Usually mounted onto something (but as we learned from Jorge out of Halo they can be carried aswell)
2)Usually aren't magizine fed (generally use ammo belts)
3)High rate of fire
4)Not a very accurate gun
So, to sum up, there big, quick firing guns that often get in the way.

Step 1: Parts

For this you will need
1) Some square metal tubing (about 10 euro)
2)Some large piping (around 15-20 euro)
3)Spray paint (around 12 euro)
4)large bolt (free)
5)Tec 7-or any other paste glue (7-10 euro)
6) 2 random handles (free)

Also I used a small tripod to mount the gun for extra realism, but its optional......

Step 2: The Piping

I started off by cutting the ipe to size, then I cut 2 small notches in it and broke off the excess metal (see the picture for a better guide)
Then I put the piping into a vise, against the tubing and hammered it into shape.
I then drilled a hole and rivited the tubing to the piping.

Step 3: The Back Handle (grips)

for the grips I drilled a hole into the metal at the back of the square tubing and slid a bolt through.
I filled the hollow handle with tec 7 and pressed it into the bolt and held it down with clamp.

Step 4: The Fronth Grip

For this step I simply applied tec 7 onto the back of the handle and clamped it on.
I wish all steps were this easy to write..............

Step 5: Tripod

For this step I drilled a hole where I wanted the bit to go and screw my tripod on, its also removable this way

Step 6: Painting

For the gunmetal colour tubing I sprayed the paint from a distance, giving it a destressed look, as for the crome bar, I painted that normally.

Step 7: Disclaimer

Common sence, dont bring it outside or into a public area, and if you country uses red caps, then paint the tip bright orange.

Other than that, have fun making the gun and be safe this hallowe'en


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