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Introduction: Heavyduty Workbench / Shop Cart

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Howdy y'all.

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Step 1: The Pegboard



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    Love this:

    Once again I stress safety glasses wear them love them keep your ocular balls safe and sound. Think of safety glasses as the cup of carpentry. You don't play baseball without a protective cup, don't play Norm Abrams without some spectacles for your head testicles

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    I agree with the safety glasses. I keep several comfortable pairs around and always wear them when it is project time.

    However, what I usually see left out of safety equipment recommendations is hearing protection. You are also only issued two ears, and once your hearing is damaged it does not come back. I have lost some of my hearing over the years and have gotten in the habit of putting in disposable earplugs when I put on my safety glasses.

    +1 on this. I buy the foam ear plugs from the big box store in big bags. I have an old jelly jar (tall skinny one) that I keep them in. I took the lid to the jar and nailed it to the underside of a small book shelf on my pegboard. Then, I just fill the jar and screw it into the lid. Now, they're always hanging right in front of me on the peg board. Out of the way, but always accessible.

    I forgot that one. Absolutely hearing protection It slipped my mind due to my my hearing being already screwed up due to years of noise exposure due to a mix of military machine shops and firefighting. The tinnitus sucks kids and having to read lips is a hassle. Fzumrk I am going to pin your comment to the top as it is such a great reminder.

    So out of curiosity. When you pull the fully loaded tray out from underneath does the bench fall forward?

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    Sorry I didnt see this question. I the wood screws work as stops that only let the drawer come out 1/2 way... and that was not planned.

    I put a screw in the rail so that they would only come out to the first locking point or half way.

    I like the way you customized it--magnifying lamp, vise, etc.--so it fit your needs. We'll hope the people who build it (and I'll bet there will be some) adjust them to fit their own needs. I've seen projects built exactly like the original and had to stop myself from asking, "What are you going to do with [whatever]?"

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    Thanks. I like modularity and the ability to scale things up or down easily

    If someone needed a longer bench then an easy way would be to swap out the 4 ft long sections of the frame with 8 ft long sections add another brace to the top and bottom cutting 2 more sets of post pieces. It would be even easier as the middle posts would not need the tenon cuts. By my quick math that would probably add 4 more 2"x4"x8's and a larger worktop.

    Great workbench, I like it.

    :) I just bought 3 more pairs of safety glasses yesterday so that I have them available at each part of the shop - no more excuses!

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    Thank you sir. I just picked up a tub of ear plugs as suggested by the guys above I figure they should last me a while, and I ordered a set of Muff's for my son. As he is turning 5 he wants to hang out with me in the garage more.

    And a tip for those mounting power strips:

    Photocopy the back side and you get an instant template. Put the 2 screws in part way, then rip the paper away and you're set.

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    Thanks thormj That is a simply brilliant suggestion. I cant count the times that I didn't have a template, and had to measure and remeasure to get something mounted. I am going to add a second battery charger and will have to try this trick out. Put both side by side on the scanner and copy the bottoms.

    and if you don't have a copy machine, put a piece of paper on the back of the power strip and use a pencil to shade in where the screw holes are. Then put the paper on the wall, same process.

    Very impressed.
    Will encourage hubby to have a go himself ,now.

    Fabulous, very impressed.