Heckler&Colt G16A2




The long awaited instructable, the G16A2. Including a grenade launcher. It is single shot because I am too damn lazy. I hope you enjoy my gun, Danke. If you make any improvements, I would love to hear them. Also any constructive criticism is accepted. Constructive criticism DOES NOT include anything along the lines of "get a life" or "knex sucks." You can say something like "this gun sucks", but only if you give a good reason why. A bad reason would be "your gun sucks because it is made of knex". I hope you enjoyed my random babbling, which you probably didn't need to read at all, but I put it there because my PC is slow and I have over 40 pics to load, and I am hyperactive, which makes people think I have OCD which I don't. Okay, tick tock tick tock. Still loading. Elihwa sekat gnidoal, tiaw esaelp. Ah! Sdrawkcab etirw dluow I kniht t'ndid uoy. Uoy did?

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Step 1: Barrel.

This is the barrel and front sight. It is so simple that if you can't figure it out, than you probably shouldn't be playing with knex. The first pic is the whole thing. The second and third pictures are close-ups of the front sights, because they are the hardest part of this section.

Step 2: Grenade Launcher.

A little more complicated, but still pretty simple. One thing I would like to point out is that this is absolutely optional, except that if you don't do it then you have a useless second trigger. First pic is the whole thing. Second pic is showing that only one side needs the knex hands (although you still need the hands to be attached to the main GL). The third pic is of how many grey connectors you need to keep the GL from sliding. Fourth pic is the handle. Fifth pic is detail of the front of the ram. Yay you are done.

Step 3: The Main Body

Yay. It is the most important part of the gun.

1: The whole trigger assembly and handle.
2: More of the trigger.
3: Even more of the trigger. Why did I take so many pictures?
4: The inner barrel.
5: More of the inner barrel and the ram.
6: The GL sear.
7: The GL sear again. Note that the sear is exactly the same on both sides.
8: I don't know what this is for, but it is there any way.
9: The carrying handle.
10: This is the back of the main body.
11: The GL trigger.
12: The GL trigger again.
13: Piece one.
14: Piece two.
15: Piece three.
16: Attach piece three to the main body.
17: Now piece two.
18: Then add piece one. Ironic, ain't it?
19: Put the GL on the front section.
20: Attach front section.
21: Attach carrying handle.

Step 4: The Stock.

This is the stock it is pretty simple. Build the stock and attach it to the rest of the gun.

Step 5: The Bands.

These are close up pictures of the bands. They are the same on both sides.

Step 6: L96A1

L96A1 coming soon to an instructables.com near you!



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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It is single shot because I am too damn lazy.

    You may be even lazier than I am, because that is only the third sentence, and if you havenae got the patience to read that far than you've not got the patience to build this piece of crap.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    (what do you call a bloke? Mr. Ms. or Mrs.?) Ill just say..... --. Mykhailo, does that mean youw (NOTICE THE W) gonna kiw(W!!!) me? Pwease don't kiw me. I wanna wiv. *small quiet sobbing* nice gun, love the gl trigger. :)


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    It is actually British, but most Americans I know, and every Canadian I know, knows what it means... (I say most Americans because some lack the intelligence to know that lamb chops are, indeed, made with lamb.)