Heckler & Koch G11





Introduction: Heckler & Koch G11

Hello guys (girls). this is my G11. this is by far the worst gun I've ever made. it doesn't shoot. I tried to, that explains the firing pin and magazine, but it didn't work out. but I still hope you'll like it.



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    I have made a 3 round burst system out of knex and I am currently modding it it into a G11. it works like a charm but i dont' have enough pieces to finish it. :(

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    I think he is acting cool. Saying you have something epic, but you can't post evidence for some reason.....

    I know, but I think it's the only one on this site. So I don't think you can make a comparisant to an other one on this site.

    they never put this design into combat, it was made to shoot cartridgeless ammo even after 40 years of innovation it never worked sigh...