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Introduction: Hedgehog Cabinet

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To make the hobby for my girlfriend grow, we needed more room for her hedgehogs.

She is breeding with the african pygmy hedgehog(white belly hedgehog).

Instead of keeping them in large plastic containers, i decided to make her a larger housing for them to roam free.

Step 1: Tools

One of the most important tools ( at least for me) In random order ;p

  1. My Radial Arm Saw
  2. Jiggsaw
  3. Woodglue
  4. Wood Drill

Step 2: The Base & Materials

The base is a Ikea Expedit closet/room-divider


Step 3: The Residants

Here are the residants:

African Pydgmy Hedgehogs or Four-toed hedgehog.

We prefer to call them "white belly"hedgehogs because of their white belly

Extreme cute animals, from the moment she started to breed with this kind, we were hooked!

The four-toed hedgehog lives in large parts of Africa, from the southern part of the Sahara to
Zambia. It's a real savannah dweller, but also lives in the arid steppe.You can't find them in the jungle, because it is too humid there for them. It is nocturnal and mainly at night on the road, looking for food or a mate.

A partner they seek only to reproduce. It is an oval-shaped creature with a very small tail, which may not be easily seen. If you want to see the tail, lay the hedgehog on his back, but as with other hedgehog species he rolls up into a ball, this is the well-known defence.If you do pick it up you must wait until the hedgehog itself automatically unrolls until he trust In his owner. The hedgehog itself trying to roll does not take off due to the sharp spines, and the strong "muscle" with which he can roll on. The spines do not feel sharp. If the hedgehog feels relaxed then you can easily pick it up because he has lay down its spines. The spines will not hurt. The abdomen is soft with a white coat. The spines are located from the back and sides, to the forehead of the hedgehog.

White belly hedgehogs come in many different colors. Think albino, algerian, chocolate, cinnecot, dark gray and cinnamon. Additionally, you have yet to deal with many different drawings.

It weighs between 300 grams and 600 grams and is 15 cm to 25 cm in size and is smaller than the (Wild) European hedgehog. It weighs in at 1200 grams and is around 25cm to 35cm high. The four-toed hedgehog eats mainly cat food, insects, fruit, egg and cooked chicken

They may be held legally Netherlands, as a tame rat or mouse.

Step 4: Adjusting the Floors

I stared with removing a few vertical dividers. This means in stead of 16 compartments i removed the middle and end up with 8.

To keep it sturdy, i left the middle boards. In those boards i cut out an arch, so the hedgehogs have the complete room to run from the left to the right.

On every floor there was a small rectangle hole cut out for the ramps, so the residents can walk from the bottom to he top. It is not seen in these pictures, but i glued some large skewers on the ramp, giving the hedgehogs some grip. Without it the just slide down from the ramp!

The wood that is left over i used to fill the back of the cabinet. It is used to hold the ground covers and the hedgehogs inside. Also a mesh has been used to fill up the holes at the back.

I applied a small ledge on the front so no hedgehogs will fall out and the floor bedding stays inside the enclosure.

Step 5: The Doors

The doors are custom made and made from pallet wood and galvanized square wire mesh.

With a router i cut down half of the thickness of the pallet wood, to make a nice connection, maintaining the same thickness overall.

Just nail he wire mesh with a electric staipler/nail gun.

I also used small and cheap piano hinges to hold the doors. The ones i used are strong enough.

The doors are held shut with small magnets


Step 6: Put It Al Together

Put the back in, and the wire mesh, put the doors in. Install the ramps and small ledges on every floor, preventing the hogs and floor bedding falling pn he ground when you open the doors.

On every floor we used floor bedding and every hedgehog gets a sleeping bag. There are plenty of food and drink bowls.



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    So cool. These are wonderful pets, I miss my little guy.