Hedgehog House




Hi, Here is a hedgehog house i made out of some reclaimed plywood. We had a hedgehog visit our garden as I made a 13cm cut at the bottom of our wooden gate to allow access. It's also good to make the same hole as a exit from your garden to another so they can forage for slugs.

As I had my tools set up in the garden for some DIY I went ahead and threw this together.

I have not attached any plans with measurements as its a makeshift build and the only thing that dictates the dimensions of your build is the FRONT as you draw this on your board, it will set the back the height of the sides and the size of the base. From here you have your sizes and set by you.

Make any home for a Hedgehog as they need them and don't forget to cut access holes at the base of your fence or gate and they will visit.

Many thanks Paul.



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    Thanks Jason. Really pleased to have your feedback and I hope lots of members here will make a hedgehog house and cut access holes to their gardens. Was great fun to build too.