Hedging Cedar Trees

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Why not to plant cedar hedge to create privacy?

Planting a cedar hedge it's easy.

Just to know some tips.

Planting instructions:

1: Cedar hedge types and planting areas

2: Dig a trench and amend the soil

3: Planting cedars - Fertlizing - Watering

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Step 1: Cedar Hedge Types and Planting Areas

There are many types or species of cedars.

Choose the right spot : sunny location

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Step 2: Dig a Trench and Amend the Soil

You can dig a hole for each tree or dig a trench.

Amend soil adding garden soil and peat moss.

For rooting add meal bone.

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Step 3: Planting Cedars - Fertlizing - Watering

Put cedar in the trench and add soil mix around root ball.

Tamp it down soil around the tree. Use the right fertilizer and water. For the first year, no need pruning.

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