Height Vehicle or Height Car Detector (Higher Car More Than 2.8 Meter)

About: I am a Mechatronic expert and it means i am capable of designing at (mechanical machines and mechanism - digital circuit and avr microcontroller and finally software programming for control).

realtime Laser Vehicle's Height Measurment Radar:
A method for transportation control is recognizing big size vehicles (in fact vehicles higher than 2.8 meter) crossing the street or entering a bridge.

goal: ISSUING penalty by police for high or long vehicle to don't pass through old bridge or some specific street at the specific time .

result: traffic control and reducing old bridge service and repair cost or controlling the traffic by controlling heavy vehicle transportation.

post Recognize procedures: after detecting high vehicles this system automatically take a series of pictures of vehicle number plate with date and time information and can even issue external electro-magnetic command _ traffic light or Gate control for passing or blocking the way.

all the taken pictures automatically transfers to any desired device e.g. pc,laptop,tablet,mobile by internet.



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