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These shots were inspired by the TV series Breaking Bad. In the show, "Hesienberg" is the King Pin known for his specialty product "Blue Sky'". These shots are super easy to make once you track down the dry ice. You should be able to google or yelp where you can find dry ice in your local area. You can serve these for a " Breaking Bad" marathon party! In case you missed the series, it's definitely worth watching!

Breaking Bad " Heisenberg" Shots

Dry Ice - 1/2 lb

Vodka- 5 parts

Blue Curacao-  2- parts you can also substitute any blue liquor. There are many varieties  including blur rum & vodka

Juice from 2 Lemons


Special Equipment: 

Mini Glass Beaker - I've had mine for a long time. I don't remember where I got it.  Try Etsy as a source under glass beaker

Screw driver or hammer

Small funnel


Chop sticks

Lemon squeezer

Martini shaker

Measuring cup

Make the Shots:

Squeeze the juice from two lemons into a martini shaker. Add the Vodka, Blue Curacao and Ice. Give it a good shake! Next, strain the cocktail mixture into a measuring cup. Put an appropriate size funnel into the mini beaker. Pour the liquid into the beaker. 

**Always use extreme caution when handling Dry Ice****   Link to Dry Ice effects when used in a liquid. 

Next, use the back of a screw driver to break the bag of dry ice into small chips while it is still i the bag. Put a heavy cloth underneath it. The opening for the beaker is really small, so the ice chips have to be small**. Use chopsticks to gently plop the ice chips into the beaker.

Optional: As an added effect, I used a dab of sky blue gel that I added to some water and froze it. I crushed it with the back of a screw driver and added it to a small baggie. 

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    I would add a bizarre and unfortunate side note . . . because of the real-life activities so entertainingly portrayed in "Breaking Bad," in several states and localities, it is ILLEGAL to possess "chemical apparatus," including such simple items as beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks, unless you have a valid work or educational need for them. This is a great example of attacking the wrong problem, but with prominent Congressmen who deny any evidence that the Earth is more than 8,000 years old, it's hardly surprising. When I was a kid, I owned enough chemical glassware to put Walter "Heisenberg" White to shame, but I never made anything more dangerous than a couple of minor explosions and numerous noxious but sub-lethal odors. What a world we live in!

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    In practical terms, as long as you are not emulating Walter White in ways that go beyond the color spectrum, I doubt anyone will break down your door to seize your tiny flasks. But you never know. If some neighbor complains about a "chemical" odor, and police enter your home on a search warrant or "exigent circumstances," you could find yourself facing a "drug paraphernalia" charge over a few innocent pieces of lab glassware. Such is the nature of the battles fought in today's "War on Drugs." :-(

    It's a sad state of affairs... As grad students, my spouse and I had a full set of clean (new, unused) 500 ml beakers as our everyday glasses. I still have a nice footed 500 ml Nalgene Double-Scale Pharmaceutical Graduate in my kitchen that I use when I make recipes with metric units (Australian cookbooks).


    5 years ago on Introduction

    As a bartender and a HUGE fan of the series, this is the first AWESOME (and easy to make) recipe related to Breaking Bad!
    Wow! That's awesome! really awesome!

    Thanks for the idea, dude!

    Will make some of these to my GF and Friends! Cheers!
    Hope you win the contest!

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! There are so many different blue liquors to use. Rum, Vodka, etc. I happened to have a bottle of Curacao on hand, but it would be nice to test out the shots with different flavors.



    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you ible member The Green Gentleman for pointing out some really helpful info about dry ice!

    Dry ice should be food grade (industrial grade is pretty nasty, from what I've seen online make sure no one can ingest the dry ice. You're using solid CO2, which is safer than the liquid N2 used recently in Britain that resulted in the drinkers stomach having to be removed. That said, if a large chunk is swallowed (besides causing some serious esophageal frostbite) it could result in a lot of gas in the drinker's stomach - enough to cause perforation or worse.

    nic nak

    5 years ago

    Could I just add the proviso that you should be very very careful when adding dry ice to drinks? Bars here in the UK went through a phase of it up until a year or so ago, when a young lady drank a cocktail with it in, and ended up losing her stomach, literally. Cool drink mind you!

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    lmnopeasnic nak

    Reply 5 years ago

    I'm not an expert in this, but my understanding is that dry ice when added in very small quantities to a drink poses little or no danger. It's more harmful when it comes into direct contact with your skin. I added a very small ice chip to get this effect.

    I think you were referring to the story of the lady who drank a cocktail with Liquid Nitrogen, not dry ice.

    I already added a disclaimer about handling dry ice, but will definitely add some helpful links about dry ice consumption. Thank you for your comment!


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    Blue Jolly Ranchers were always my favorite. I think I can remember my tongue being stained blue as a kid. This is a great idea to serve with these shot's! While my ice looks cool. It will melt rather quickly, while the jolly ranchers will taste and last longer.

    Is your friend a member of Instructables? You should tell him to join an post some of his cool video's.

    Cheers!!! looks awesome :). Thank you so much for sharing.

    To me it seems like all people I know here were having some kind of break , including myself :)

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