Helicopter Mini Racers Kit

Introduction: Helicopter Mini Racers Kit

This is a fun toy for all ages. The rules are that the first chopper to hit the ground wins. You can change these if you want to.

Step 1: Find a Small Box

This one looks good

Step 2: Get Some Graph Paper and Make Size Limits

Make sure the paper fits in the box

You can make multiples of these to fill up your entire box

Step 3: Add a Mini Pencil and Scissors

If you can get scissors into the box then do it

Step 4: Making the Choppers

It should look something like this, but feel free to experiment

Step 5: Cutting and Folding the Choppers

1. Cut the rotor blades apart and fold them side to side
2. Cut out the middle (if you have a middle)
3.slit the weights and fold them back and forth

Step 6: Have Fun

Don't forget to vote for me in the rainy day challenge

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