Helicopter Mk1

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Here is the helicopter suggested by DaveDude12 <---- cool guy!

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Step 1: Tower

Step 2: Add Blocks (9 in One Direction and 10 in the Other)

Step 3: Expand

Step 4: Add a Back Door and Start the Walls

Step 5: Complete the Back Look

Step 6: Make Those Walls Higher

Step 7: Add a Roof

Step 8: Add a Nice Glass Cockpit Window

Step 9: Interior Lighting (one Glowstone Every 2 Blocks)

Step 10: Add a Cockpit Wall

Step 11: The Seats

Step 12: Oxygen Mask Holders and Dive Prep.

Step 13: Rotors

Step 14: Rear Wings

Step 15: Add Some Side Windows

Step 16: Front Wings

Step 17: Done

Thank you dudes for all the ABSOLUTELY AWESOME support all you guys have showed over this last year and I really appreciate all of it. :P even if you are new to instructables make sure you keep clikin' on those favourite and follow buttons. :D see you guys soon!

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I think it should have a door , and , military helicopter seats are at sides (back of the seat is sticking to the "wall" )


    5 years ago

    You should try and do a hidden base or something like tht


    5 years ago

    Next make a space ship and a moon with it


    5 years ago

    Thanks for the shoutout