Helicopter Model From Ballpoint Cap




A craft from leftover material that not only your kids will love it, but your friends and colleagues might love it too. Let make a Helicopter Model From Ballpoint Cap for your handmade gift.

Step 1: Materials

All we need to make this Helicopter Model From Ballpoint Cap are leftover materials, such as:

• Ballpoint cap
• Paper clip
• Piece of paper
• Tape, double tape or glue

And we will need tools like:

• Cutter
• Scissors

Step 2: Helicopter

• Take the ballpoint cap, make vertical and horizontal incision at the bottom of the cap like you can see on the first picture.
• Bend the incisions part to make a little wings
• Bend the tail.

Step 3: Rotor Blade

• Cut your paper thin with a length of 5 cm. Create two.
• Then make a cross. Attach using tape or glue .

Step 4: Buffer

Bend your paper clip like you can see on the picture to make a buffer for your helicopter.

Step 5: Installation

  • Attach rotor blade onto helicopter with tape or glue.
  • Inset the buffer into the helicopter body

Step 6: Done!

Ta Daaa.... Now you have a Helicopter Model From Ballpoint Cap. You can make it as a table decoration or simply give it to your kid, friend or colleague as a gift.

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15 Discussions


3 years ago

I made It! this was very simple and easy, and I even added some other things to it. I glued to bottle caps to the base of the paperclip so it wouldn't fall over, just to give it some extra support.

1 reply
Mas Adamnaturallycrafty

Reply 3 years ago

Hi.. Thank you very much. And that was a great idea put bottle caps at the base for extra support.

You also can use a jumbo paperclip so it is strong enough to sustain it.


3 years ago

V. nice, but I can tell that you copied and pasted the description from other instructables as you say "All we need to make this Homemade Lamp Picker"

1 reply
Just4Fun Media

3 years ago

Very simple and it looks awesome! How long does it take to build?

Have a great day! :-)

1 reply