Helios - God of Sun

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Hi there . Is there any dad or mum ? Yes i`m sure you are here.

You know that questions :

- Dad i have to make a costume for a party in school, can you help me ?

- Of course - hold my be..... beloved non-alcohol drink ;)

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Step 1: Feel My Light

And two evenings later - Here we are - HELIOS - God of Sun from ancient mythology as real.

We used:

- paper (regular white A4 format)

- old headband from headlight

- few led strips

- 12V battery package made of 3x18650 (from old laptop baterry package)

- 1x gold spray

-1x silver spray

- 2x white t-shirt (one is below and leds are glued to first layer , second on top of the first to dissolve light)

You will need switch attached to belt too.

That`s all. Cutting , glueing shapes together (paper).

Project done some time ago - so no detailed photos available.

No . He does not have that face ;) Distortion filter applied to keep privacy ...at least a bit.

Step 2: The END

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