Hella Technique: 102 - Cream Cheese and Whey




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Simple and quick technique on making cream cheese and whey from homemade yogurt

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      8 years ago on Introduction

      I made this quite a while ago also. To make mine stiffer I folded the cloth over the cream cheese then placed a quart jar full of water on it to press out more whey.

      My husband's aunt used to do this.  It's cool huh? Excellent video (your kitchen looks very welcoming BTW) One question?  What do you do with the whey?

      1 reply

      Hey thanks for the note! It is cool, yummy too! We have moved from that kitchen, in fact the trailer that the kitchen was in was destroyed this year under a huge pile of snow, very sad, luckily we had already moved to Vancouver when it happened!

      One of my favorite things to do with the whey is to just make it into a refreshing drink with a touch of sea salt and water and drink it all day. You can also use it to make lacto-fermented pickles or chutneys by adding a couple tablespoons I have some recipes for such things on www.helladelicious.com and I will keep putting up more...good for your intestines too :-)


      Yeah the salt is a good idea. I made it once by infusing my yogurt with rosemary and then straining it! Boy that was a yummy dip...other herbs would be good too--basil, lemon verbena....


      10 years ago on Introduction

      Coincidentally, we just made cream cheese and whey using this exact method the day before you posted! The results were excellent. I recommend mixing a bit of salt into the resulting cream cheese, though.