This was what my daughter wanted to do for ComiCon. We worked on it through the winter, and we were ready come May.

Step 1: Samaritan (Hellboy's Gun)

So, I did not take a lot of picture of the process, but this was a Nerf Gun to start out with. I did mod it to allow for full access, so the chambers opened fully, and did some minor mod to the body. I used sandpaper to take off the raised NERF name and warnings. I painted it black to start with. Everything was painted black, inside and out. then I painted the stock brown, and added highlights and low lights, until I thought it looked like wood. I then went to work on the rest of the gun with silver rub n' buff.

Step 2: Right Hand of Doom

Again, only the finished product here. We used a large cardboard tube for the base, then some upholstery foam around that. The outside is a black yoga mat. The hand is a garden glove with some fun foam glued on. Once it was all put together, I used a rotary tool to grind out a trench-like area for the EL Wire. Low-temp hot glue worked great to put the EL Wire in. The only thing that was difficult about the EL Wiring is that it had to be done in a continuous line. The EL Wire was purchased with the controller already attached, and I used 3 meters of EL wire. The controller tucked into the RHoD near the elbow. Once it was all glued in, I added the black and white paint to give it depth and help it to look like rocks.

Step 3: Painting the Body

I used TAG body paint in Red. TAG is a brand similar to Mehron, as it requires water to be activated. I painted it on with a 1 inch brush, and we let it dry. Once dry, I added a second coat, and it worked great. I added pink for highlights and black and brown for contouring.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

We bought a trenchcoat at GoodWill for $10. The tail is made of a wire coat hanger, with pipe insulation around it, wrapped in red fabric. Fingerless gloves were purchased online. That cigar is a rolled up piece of fun foam I made the night before the ComiCon, and painted the end red. the belt buckle is a lid from a jar, with a piece of red fun foam stuffed into it, and silver puffy paint. Hot glued onto the original belt buckle. we made her a rosary from fun foam and hot glue for the cross, and some wooden beads strung together.

Overall, it was a fun costume to put together. She really enjoyed the attention she got at the 'Con, and lots of people asked for pictures.

Next year she wants to be the corpse bride....



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    2 years ago

    Great Hellgirl! Just shows that you don't need to spend a fortune to make an impression. Good luck with the Corpse Bride.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    It came out wonderfully! Did you use a Nerf Maverick for the gun?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes, it was a Maverick. The yellow one.