Hello, Hidey Holes!

Introduction: Hello, Hidey Holes!

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Is there something you want to hide, stash, or just keep a secret? Well there are many ways to do so, and I will show you three. Most require items that almost everyone will be able to find in their household. Let's get started!

Step 1: Cupboard Compartment

That cupboard in your room that never gets used can be a great place to keep your secrets and stashes safe!! But it's SOOOO obvious that stuff could be kept there. "Maybe I left that screwdriver in here... Oh, what's this? A secret stash?? So that's where that purse went...." heh. But I'll show you how to turn the dusty, unused cupboard into YOUR hidey hole!

You'll need:
1x screwdriver
1x poster

That's all! Everyday items like these can be pretty simple Hidey hole tools. Now, why don't we get started?

1: take the handle off the cupboard door.

2: cover it (where the handle was) with a poster

3: enjoy your cupboard compartment!

Note: this also works for drawers.

Step 2: All Boxed Up

This Hidey hole is going to keep your secrets "all boxed up" with some handy household items. Go get:
A box
Tissue paper

Once you have that, do this:

Fit the tissue paper nicely in the box. Pull it out, and fit it so that the top is at the edge of the box. Fill the top with light stuff, like rubber bands. It will appear that the box is full. But when you pull out the tissue paper... there is room for your stash!!


Step 3: Money Mayhem

You might have a purse like the one shown. If you do, this stash is for you!

Open you purse. You see the divider? Split it with your fingers. There's a little compartment there that you can use to hide things like keys, money, photos and anything thin like that. It fits in your pocket, and is essential for hiding the keys to your journal...

Step 4: Done!

Well, there you have it! Three handy Hidey holes! Hope your stashes are kept safe!

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