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Me and Hello Kitty go way back, but I still don't know what that little cartoon cat does that draws me to her. Sit there, look cute, make moneyzzz? Sounds like a good gig to me.

This nail tutorial is a tribute to Hello Kitty. There's just something about her.

Step 1: What You'll Need

White Nail Polish
Red Glitter, Black, and Yellow Nail Polish with a Thin-tip Brush*
Nail Polish Remover

*(I used Art Deco by L.A. Colors. Find them online here: http://www.cherryculture.com/cosmetics/makeup/l.a.-colors/la-colors-art-deco-nail-lacquer/17153&cat=291&page=1 )

Step 2: Apply White Nail Polish

Make sure your nails are clean and ready to be painted.

When applying nail polish, it is better to have 2 light coats rather than 1 thick coat.
The first coat will appear streaky, but the second coat will be opaque and pure white.

Let polish dry between coats and before the next step.

Step 3: Painting HK's Bow

HK's bow is just iconic as she is. This is how I did it.

Using Red Glitter polish (you can also just use plain Red), I started with a red circle in the center of my nail.
Then I painted an X so that the bow would be even.
Next, draw the end of the bow then fill in the shape.

I only put bows on my fingers. My thumb will have HK's whole face later on.
It's ok if it's a little sloppy. We'll be outlining the bow in the next step.

Step 4: Outlining the Bow

Take the black polish and carefully outline the bow.

I started with outlining each of the circle's in black. Then I outlined each of the ends of the bows. Finally, I added those little half circles in the middle.

Step 5: Painting HK's Face: Nose

For the thumb, I decided to paint Hello Kitty's face since there is more room to work on.

Her nose is a horizontal oval which should go about two-thirds of your nail down. After letting the yellow dot of paint dry, outline in black.

Step 6: Painting HK's Face: Eyes and Whiskers

Hello Kitty's eyes are two vertical ovals which are about the same size as her nose. Draw accordingly.

Her whiskers are 3 slightly curved lines on both sides of her face.

Step 7: Adding HK's Bow

By now, you should be pretty pro at painting her bow. She wouldn't be complete without it.

Step 8: Cleaning Up

Dip a Q-Tip in Nail Polish Remover, then clean up the sides of your nails where any nail polish ended up on your skin.

Step 9: All Done!

Honestly, most of the time while doing this, I felt like I was dismantling a bomb or something. Pretty stressful, shaky stuff.

But look at you with your nails all did!
Totes cute.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    nice job! Hope i could do some of that too. I suck at painting lol..
    anyways.. have you heard about these new HK collections lately? Hello Kitty and One Piece collab. I super love the items you should go check them out. And if ever you want to have one you can order at Private Import Japan . :D
    Happy blogging :D

    I thought I saw it somewhere then realized Kandee Johnson did a tutorial of this :)



    7 years ago on Introduction

    Definitely want to do this. I'll have to get my girlfriend to do my right hand for me though - that would be a mess!

    1 reply