Hello World

Introduction: Hello World

Linkit ONE Basics

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Step 1: Materials

Linkit ONE


USB cable




Step 2: Connecting the Bread Board

Place the Led transistor and resistor on the board just like i showed in the picture.

Add the two wires and your done with breadboard only connections.

Step 3: Linkit ONE Connecting

Take 3 wires of any color and follow the picture on where to put them. Next you will connect those wires to the bread board

Step 4: Connecting Finished

After all the connections are made it should look like this. Hook up the USB to the computer and your ready to code

Step 5: Coding

This is the code you will need to use for this project. However you will nee to format it differently for the program to work correctly

Correct Formating

const int pinLED = 3; // LED connect to D13
void setup() { pinMode(pinLED, OUTPUT); // set direction of D13-OUTPUT } void loop() { digitalWrite(pinLED, HIGH); // LED on delay(3000); digitalWrite(pinLED, LOW); // LED off delay(100); }

Step 6: Finish

That's all Folks!

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