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Introduction: Hellraiser Cookie Cube

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Pinhead, this one is for you, xoxo.  I loved the Hellraiser movies because of the fear, pain, costumes, chains, and that cute little box.

This isn't a full cube, true.  I thought about it - But the only thing that would convince me to do so - is if I had a turn-table thing that I could put the cube up on, on one point, let it rotate and then video.  (Maybe that should be on my "to-buy" list.)

Anyways, I took an image of the Lament Configuration that had a view of three sides and I tried my BEST (lol), with royal icing, to freehand my random designs based on the cube.  It's not completely accurate, I'm not an artist.  BUT, it's reminiscent and I'm trying not to eat it yet.  :)  If there is a smaller icing tip than "1"...please let me know. hahah.

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Step 1: Recipes That I Used.

For the cookies - I used an antique one out of my mom's cookbook.  The photograph will be attached!  And the same goes for the Royal Icing.  I used Martha Stewart's Royal Icing.  Now - I don't remember them saying anything about LEMON flavor...but the lemon that I used - not sure if there was too much, or just enough...But the icing tastes lemony and I've been getting lots of comments on it.  

"Nice touch on the lemon!"  "WOw, citrus!"  "Lemony!"    Funny stuff...I guess it all worked out well, and I'm going to stick with this icing recipe - it was a winner.  :)

Step 2: Extras Needed!

Make sure that you have the following stuff, aside from everything that you will need for the cookies and icing.

*Square Cookie Cutter
*Color Mist - Gold
*Sparkle Gel - Gold
*Cheap Paintbrush
*Icing Color/Dye - Black
*#1 icing tip
*Bag for piping, and tape the bag onto the tip so there is no icing bleed.

Step 3: Make & Bake

My cookie cutter wasn't as square as it could be, and that bugged me.  :(  I chose the best one, too!  Oh well.  You have to work with what you've got.  Roll the dough, cut your squares and space them well because they will puff.  :)

Try and not budge the cookies once you've got them on the cookie sheet because they will be even less-square than you began.  Bake them accordingly and just make sure not to brown them too much.

Step 4: Spray Them!

Once they had cooled down, after baking, I put 6 of the cookies near each other and I sprayed them with the Color Mist.  I made sure to let them dry between coats and I made about 4 passes before the can ran out.  

Step 5: Sparkle Time!

I wanted to take the gold-look even further, so I used the Wilton's Sparkle Gel with a paintbrush and gave all the cookies a coat of that.  It helped make a smooth surface, filled in some cracks, gave it more of a sheen and shine.

It will remain tacky, so you don't want to stack these.  :)

Once it's dry enough - like nail polish, and you can lightly sweep it with your fingertip - you can move on to the next step.

Step 6: Royal Icing

Make it up, as per the directions.  If you are making other cookies, just separate and dye as needed.  I still have a lot left over because I doubled the recipe.  :)

Put your tip in your piping bag and as for myself - I needed it to be secure.  So I put a strip of clear tape around the part where it meets the bag, just to give it an extra seal.  AMAZING.  So stress free.  Quick fix.  I hope that I never forget that tip. LOL.  

Now, have your inspiration near you and just get lost in the design.  I didn't have time to stop in the middle and pick up my phone to take pics, so I just continued with the designing.  It's freehand - it looks bad to me, but when you step back, it looks kinda cool.  I only did 3 cookies and made 3 extra in case I messed up horribly.  

Step 7: Stacking, Boxing

My mom gave me the idea to stack them against a coffee cup, and that was an amazing idea.  Much better presentation than sitting them next to each other.  That really excited me.  :)

I'm slightly impressed that I made it this far into the Lament Cookie Cube.  Maybe later, with a smaller piping tip, printed photos and square cookies, I can take it all the way.

If you do this, and you want to stack and box your sides up...my tip is just to find the squarest corners and make those sides and edges meet, otherwise it will look funny.  :)  

This would look cool on a cake, at a halloween party, just use your imagination!

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