Helmet Headset Using Linkit ONE

Introduction: Helmet Headset Using Linkit ONE


This instructable will guide to make an Headset which can be hidden inside a Helmet so than you can hear songs and attend phone calls while driving...!!!

Step 1: Components Required

  1. Linkit ONE Board
  2. Helmet
  3. SD card
  4. GSM sim card
  5. TSOP1738
  6. IR Remote
  7. headset

Step 2: Connections

  1. Insert TSOP output pin to Digital pin 8 of Linkit ONE

  2. Insert SD card to the Slot Provided.

  3. Insert Sim card to the Slot Provided.

  4. Connect headset to 3.5mm jack of Linkit ONE

  5. connect battery to Linkit ONE

Step 3: Coding

Linkit ONE code

In Arduino IDE select board to Linkit ONE and port to Linkit one debug port

click the below link to download Linkit ONE code

Helmet headset

Step 4: Fixing

Fix the Linkit ONE board in to the helmet as shown in the picture..dont damage the GSM antenna while fixing...

place your fav songs in your sd card in the name of "abc1.wav" and "abc2.wav"

edit the code as per your requirement

and enjoy listening....

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