Helmet Paint




Introduction: Helmet Paint

REpainting your helmet by your own.

DIY guys

Step 1: The Original

I had this steel bird companies helmet with me which was working well with my old bike, since i purchased a new Royal Enfield black color i was not satisfied with the same graphical cover on my head.

So, taking a risk and enthusiasm in myself, i started this DIY thing.

I had not taken this helmet to any professional for any work. everything is done by me with new experiments.

If you wish to try something like this i suggest you to do it on a spare helmet first so that you can gain some confidence for you final one.

Go ahead guys, it is fun + makes you proud sooo much.

Step 2: First Step - Sanding

The very first step will be sanding your helmet.

If you have any helmet with such factory made graphics and you wish to give a plain basic color you really need to work hard. The more you work on sanding , the better you get.

Sand papers which i used were of different grits like 40, 60, 80.

The more heavy the grit paper the lesser you need to sand.

Such graphics take a long time to vanish the prints. I did it with hands (no machines). If you have one your work can be done faster with less efforts.

Sand each part very carefully very neatly.

Step 3: After Sanding

Starting with sanding to end work is here.

It took me approx 8 hours to finish to this level.

Step 4: Preparation

After sanding you need to clean upper part of the helmet very nicely.

make sure there are no stains, grease over it.

Normal dish wash soap with red scotch bright is perfect to remove dust and grease.

After all cleanings, make sure the helmet is properly covered, what ever work you do should not touch the inner side of the helmet, else it may destroy your inner fittings (chemicals harm them)

i used paint work tapes to cover.

Also, make it very very sure to cover any hole or design on outside part with something.

Step 5: Paint Job

hand spray bottles are not worth using sometimes as they leave some stains unless you are a pro using them.

So, i rented a spray machine set which had a compressor for air and a spray gun.

Fist job is to spray with a plastic thinner. a very light and thin coat is needed.

After 2-3 hours, a thin coat of color may be applied.

you will need to apply 2-3-4 coats of paint depending on the type of look you wish to have.

When i was done with these steps i got a Matt finish look on my helmet.

NOW, most important part which colors to use.

There are a lot of them available in market varying in qualities.

I used deco paint which is easily available at a paint shop which sells car paints. for 3 layers approx 100-120 ml is sufficient.

remember, always spray your objects from a distance, and masking yourself with proper cloths.

Step 6: Finish Work

I wanted a Matt finish look so i stopped my work there, but for better protection of paint you may need to apply lacquer.

I did not used it because lacquer gives a shiny look.

but to protect it from scratches, i used hand spray bottle of the same and applied a very thin and single layer.

You may need to apply 3-4 coats depending on your need. The more you put it the more shine you get.

Bringing design to your helmet is a tough task.

It could be done by many ways but what i chose was vinyl sheets.

Give any design you have in your mind using these sheets BUT for durability paste it using a hot gun.

It will paste the sheet more efficiently making it wrinkle free also.

Step 7: Working With Vinyl

As i said designing is your part, it depends on how creative you are.

I am uploading these pictures just to show my work.

Step 8: Thanks

Thanks for watching it and i hope this DIY will help you.

I am not any professional but an artist who love to play with things. This helmet work was my first ever.

Any queries or suggestions are welcomed.

Good luck


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    10 Discussions


    3 years ago

    hey i wnt ur help cn u plz tell me which paints use for helmet

    n cn i use wall asianpaint for helmet is tht gud or not


    4 years ago

    Can you tell me the brand of primer, paint you have used....


    5 years ago on Introduction


    the vinyl sheets; how did you get the design in them, did you design it using software and ha dit lasercut, or was it done manually, or whatever?

    GReat job by the way.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction


    i just bought a square piece of sheet as per my requirement, then i used a ruler to cut them. The vinyl however were cut in simple strips of different width size, later i used hot air gun to give it a bend while pasting.

    Thank you :)


    5 years ago on Step 6

    hi Pulkit. i have been planning to paint my helmet as well and it is also a hybrid helmet like yours. you mentioned that you rented a spray machine. can you please tell me from where you rented that machine? i live in delhi.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    sorry for being so late first of all..

    and you can easily get a machine rented from local paint shops


    5 years ago

    do you need to be careful with the type of paint in case you damage the plastic? don't want your helmet to lose strength for a paint job


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    The plastic part can get damaged if you use a paint that is more of a chemical mix rather than a paint.

    I mentioned above that i used deco paint which is used mainly in automobile workshops.