Help SpongeBob Change His Funny Face

Look at his funny face do you want to help him change it?

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Step 1: Preparation

You need
some color pencils
a pair of scissors
a knife
a tape
a piece of big large papercard
some pieces of paper
glue stick
an eraser

Step 2: Make a Place for His Funny Face!

PS:You need to fold the papercard in half at first!
Draw his profile first and then use your knife to cut it off to make a place for his lovely head!
And then use your favorite tape to stick the lift/right side and the end side of the papercard in order to make it like a 'box'
Just do as the pictures show!

Step 3: Draw His Funny Lovely Face's'

1.Put the pieces of the paper you have prepared in to the 'box'!
2.Then draw his lovely face on each paper and color his face use your favorite color!

Step 4: He Needs 'shorts'

Draw his 'shorts' on the paper and stick it on the 'right' place!
Sometimes maybe he need a skirt :you know what I mean!,-)

Step 5: Help Him!

You know it is easy to help him!
Just take one of the paper which with his face out !

Step 6: You Made It!

You can add his hands and some decorations!

My English is not good ,just have fun!

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