Helpful Possum Box




Introduction: Helpful Possum Box

Sick of all those feral possums in your roofs. Well this can help, build this easy possum box to give your common tourists a little accommodation. Altogether the costs of materials is around $8 per box

Materials: Makes 1

Cable Ties

1 Dark Green Spray-paint

Drill (For Holes)

150mm Circle Foam Piece (With Large Holes)

W =150mm x L =33.3 PVC Pipe (Get Pipe in 1 Metre Lengths)

Leaves For Design

Hay (For Comfort)




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Step 1: Sawing the PVC Pipe, Drill the Holes!

You will need:

Metre Pipes



Carefully saw the pipe into thirds, take one and focus on that one. After that prepare the drill with a 5mm thick drill head. Drill 5 singular holes around the top (The side your going to put the foam on), equal lengths,ready for the cable ties. Do one hole about 2 cm under each of the first holes then do another about a centimetre down. Pick two of the first holes you drilled (Works better when they are opposite then drill 2 huge holes with a 15mm drill head. Finally do five sets of 2 holes on the side where the possum is going to enter from. This will create air holes and holes for later use.

Step 2: Foam Backpiece!

For This You Will Need:

- Foam Piece

- Scissors

- Zip Ties

Grab your foam piece and place it on the inside edge of the pipe, make sure that you put it on the side with the single holes. Then grab a few zip ties and wrap them through the holes at the bottom of the pipe and wrap them around they holes in the foam. This creates a stable back piece so the possum doesn't fall out.

Step 3: Spray Painting!

What you will need:

Leaves for pattern

Possum Hut

Dark Green Spray Paint

Grab your hut and leaves, have your pipe sideways (where your painting) and put a few leaves down, Do not place the leaves directly next to each other. Grab the paint and spray it on the area around the leaves. Continue to do this all around the outside. After you do this it's ready! This means you can find a suitable tree.

Step 4: Putting It in the Tree!

What you will need:

Possum Hut


Find a tree that is healthy and has lots of leaves. In this tree, find a spot where it can easily sit straight and use the wires to keep the box secure using the branch or trunk. Make sure the big holes aren't facing upwards as it will allow rain to go through. After that wait a few days and I'm definite that there will be a possum.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Great idea! I wasn't aware of it until recently, but possums eat lots of ticks and other bugs you don't want around your yard, so it's worth giving them decent accommodations, since they're doing you a favor. :)


    3 years ago

    This is a cute idea :) If you use an insulating layer to make it warmer inside I bet they would love it.