Helpful Techniques to Kick Off the 2012 School Year


Introduction: Helpful Techniques to Kick Off the 2012 School Year

Look I know some part of us deep down way deep down anticipates going to school to show off those hot new outfits those stylish accessories and maybe even check out  the hot new guy or some of those smoking babes, but were not saying stuff like that were saying things like awwww summers almost over !!! "Ugh can you believe we have pop quiz's again " the typical teenage or kid stuff whatever way your interpret it. But bottom line some part of me can't wait to reunite with friends and remanance on past memories or even those lmfao moments, but most of all that one perfect back to school question, " Hey what did you this summer"? Sometimes you dred it ,but only if you've been a couch potato all summer. Overall the feeling is mutual and sometimes weird, strange, new, fun, exciting because it's those important days in life like The Last days of school just how we anticipate it we know we can't wait to go back to school because it means a fresh start and most of all a new and improved you.

Step 1: Healthy Alternative to Chinese Takeout

Shrimp fried Brown   Rice
The key here is brown rice, I know how every body likes easy dinner with the no time the 2012 school year brings we need something healthy ,but easy and simple to make,but most of all yummy 
1/2 lb of shrimp peeled and deveined cut into bite size pieces
1 egg
2c cooked brown rice 
1/2 cup onion chopped
2 scallions sliced thinly into rounds 
1/2 tsp of  fish sauce
1/4 tsp salt
pinch white pepper, vegetable oil for cooking

First heat up a non stick saute pan
add onions and saute for 30 seconds
add egg and scramble in the pan with the onions, break it up as it cooks into small curds
add shrimp and saute  till they just turn pink
add rice and saute , break up any clumps of rice if needed
season with fish sauce , salt, and white pepper 
add scallions and toss to combine and serve 

Step 2: Beauty Gurus From Around the World

Face mask
Origin: India
Freshly squeezed lemons
 when you get that nice paste your good to go put on your face and leave for about 20 min then just wash off 

Gorgeous hair and skin

Origin: Italy
Olive oil
works wonders on your skin and hair. If you need a hair this is your go to leave for about 20-30 min and your good to go

Foot scrub( Homemade strawberry scrub)

8-10 strawberries
2tsp olive oil 
1tsp of kosher salt
mix all ingredients into a paste massage into feet, rinse and pat dry 

Step 3: The Do's and Don'ts of OF Fall Fashion

The Do's

-- The thick belt dressed up cinching just about anything with a wide belt

-- Anything oxblood the it color of the moment , but even if your not into trends test it out and make it you don't copy personalize and trust me you'll love the color

-- Prints prints prints ans more prints , whatever your into and I'm talking to you to guys , ladies grab your favorite live in print whatever it may be and strut your stuff 

-- boyfriend jeans and bright loafers 

-- Always flatter your body , Do impress with fun shoes 

Do not i Repeat do Not

.Clothes you can't  breathe or move in

.Showing off legs, arms, and cleavage all at once It's just too much

​.Dressing age inappropriate

.Remember coordination is the key

.No muffin tops are sagging breast allowed this is inexcusable and you know better  

.Don't be afraid to take risk because that's what fashion is all about

Step 4: Bring Your a Game

Woo finally i know the cherry on the ice-cream the icing on the cake. You got to take everything you've learned and everything you know and apply it to yourself you know prior knowledge and make something of yourself. Think about this treat yourself as you would want people to treat you. I mean i know your a caring kind of person and maybe your not but you got to start taking care of yourself.Ask yourself when was the last time you you actually sat down and wrote some goals down I know you probably heard this a thousand times in school but really what are your goals.Not that mean history teachers goals your goals. Oh don't forget writing something down is the same as doing it. As they say actions speak louder than words So wahtever it may be, bring your A -game to it and the results will be way better than your typical average Joe. Have fun and try to take my words into affect , oh good luck :)  

Step 5:



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