Helping Hands Vise




Introduction: Helping Hands Vise

Harbor Freight Articulated Vise Item #3311 ($17-$30)

Assorted Alligator Clips ($3)

Step 1: Disassemble Vise

Remove the Ball Joint Nut

Remove 4 Machine Screws from Vise Base

Step 2: Drill Holes in 1/8" Hardboard

Choose Hardboard Size Appropriate to your needs

Transfer 4 Machine Screw Holes and Center hole from Ball Joint

Drill 5 holes

Step 3: Assemble Vise Around Hardboard Platform

Assemble 4 Machine Screws

Assemble Ball Joint and Tighten Nut

Step 4: Add Wooden Reinforcements for Attaching Alligator Clips

Add Wood Reinforcements

Solder Alligator Clips to 10 Gauge Wire

Drill 10 Gauge Holes in Reinforcements and Glue if Needed

I Used Double Alligator Clips to Add More Helping Hands



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    10 Discussions

    I made it! Works great! Thanks for the great instructable!

    love it! I have that same vise, and a couple of similar homemade Helping Hands devices, but it never occurred to me to combine the two. If I had ten thumbs, I would put them *all* up for you. :)

    So Awesome, becaus it's so simple. The Idea is great!! I love this helping device!!

    Oh, so that's what I've been missing all the time!

    I wish I would have seen this (or even though of this) long ago. My helping hand works okay but the extra clips and space, along with a vice could really have made some of my electric projects go much smoother and easier. Great job and thanks.

    I love what it looks like, kind of like you have Doctor Octopus just on your work bench. It also looks like it would be extremely useful as well! Thanks for sharing!

    Most useful!