Helping Hands for Soldering



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frnds its my first ible here so kindly go easy on me :P

its the final design i made i am person that uses things to decide designs so i made this design from previously cutted wood and a peice of plywood wraped with book binding tape

my things for concern are to make it stable
such heavy that it can handle bigger wires too and a little bit fancy for my own desires :P

So for making this thing these things are needed

Step 1: Things Required

two matel strip with holes
two paper clips (i prefer those clips of metal they have strong grip)

nuts and bolts
screw drivers
a little bit of wood work is involved also
book binding tape to wrap wood in it

also two wood peices for hands handling

Step 2: Different Modes of Operation

this is the design i made for my own use so i decided it to make it foldable so it can be seen in pictures that both arms can b laid down on board and only one can be lifted
both simultanously can b lifted and also the placement of paper clips can be adjusted linearly and also for rotating then screws on wood can be adjusted also

Step 3: What Is Discluded

the all of the wood work done by me

all things are readily available for me as they left behind from different electronics fitting packaging and also woods pieces and all things are lying in my home so cant tell u what it will cost to u

and also i think that screw handling and using wood cutting tools isn't a big mess for anyone so be happy doing it in your own way :P

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6: Helping Hands for Soldering



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