Helping Little Birds Against Crows..

Introduction: Helping Little Birds Against Crows..

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Filling a bird feeder and within 10 min its empty or broken by a load of crows.....

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Step 1:

Step 2: Building a Cage

To give the little birds a chance to eat something there had to be some protection/shelter to be made..

Step 3: Materials Needed.

two hooks, a bunch of tie-ribs and chickenwire with big enough holes for the little birds..

Step 4: Size Depends on Your Own Decision...

The size of the cage i made was 100cm high, 50 cm wide and 50cm deep.

use a wire cutter to cut the size needed and use the tie-rib to put the cage together,

place the two hooks and put the cage on.

within a day the little ones have figured it out ...... and also the crows...

Happy feeding....

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