Hemp Bracelets!



Introduction: Hemp Bracelets!

Step 1: Materials!

The picture above is what it should look like after a few knots. This is a very basic bracelet, and shouldn't be too hard to learn. I apologize for the horrible writing. Right, on then!

You will need:
• Twine, hemp cord, or thick thread.
• Scissors.
• A bead (optional)
• A lighter (to keep the ends from fraying)

Step 2: Measuring the Thread

You should cut two strands of string varying in length.

I cut mine at about 5 feet, and five and a half feet. This is because of the amount of string that the knotting takes.

Next, find the middle of both strings, and WITHOUT CUTTING, make a loop and knot the two strings. Tape it down onto your work area. It should like the pictures above.


Woo! So, now that you've gotten through the long journey of my ramblings and looping and cutting, we can begin.

Start by laying the two middle (shorter strings) in the center of your work area and lay the longer ones out, one on each side. For this type of bracelet, you won't have to use the middle strings. Taking the leftmost strand, make a '4' shape over the other strands, and take the rightmost strand looping it (excuse me for lack of proper wording) under the four on that side, and diagonally up through the triangle the four made. Pull the knot. Repeat this, but alternate with the strings.

Try to keep the tightness of the knots consistent, and I can't stress this enough.. KEEP. TRACK. OF. WHAT. STRING. YOU. JUST. USED.

Step 4: A Few Knots Later... O-o

This is what it should look like. XD

Step 5: To Finish Off~!

If you're using this tutorial as a keychain, then when you have reached your desired length, tie all four strands into a knot, and trim to your desired 'tassel' length.

If using this tutorial as a bracelet, you can do one of two finishing knots. The first, is to simply tie the bracelet around your wrist or other appendage (lel, thank you autocorrect) by tying it through the loop. The second option is to add a bead to the end of each string end or wherever you want, and then tie it off!

Step 6: Finishing Remarks

Comments are appreciated as this is my first tutorial, and I've also entered it into the Bracelet contest. *Fluttershy yay!*

*Squeak.* I would like to thank anyone who reads this for putting up with my ranting and awkward wording. You are very smart! Cx AND I LOVE YOU BE MY FRIEND!

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