Hemp Bracelets




Introduction: Hemp Bracelets

Here I will show you how to make 2 very simple hemp bracelets. There are many kinds of knots you can use, but these are 2 common ones. Variations of each are included if you're comfortable enough to try them. Knot em, Wear em, Love em!

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

You'll need:
- Hemp, twine, or other string, really anything works
- Scissors
- Pen
OPTIONAL: these make things easier or prettier
- tape
- beads

Step 2: Setting Up

- Cut 2 piece of hemp about the length from your shoulder to fingertips.
- Cut 2 more about 7 or so inches less than those.
- Lining up the edges of the hemp, put a pen or similar object a few inches down. Make sure the 2 shorter strings are in the middle.
- Double-knot the hemp around the pen. Several pictures are included for this step.
- Trim the leftover ends.
- If you have tape it's a good idea to tape down the pen now. Also, some may find it helpful to tape down the 2 smaller strands in the middle.

Step 3: The Square Knot

Preview picture comes first...
- Take the RIGHT outer strand and put it over the middle strands and under the left strand, in an awkward '4'.
- Take the LEFT strand and thread it under the middle strands and through the hole in the 4.
- Tighten.
- Take the new LEFT strand and make it go over the middle strands and under the right strand, making a backwards step 1.
- Like step 2, take the RIGHT strand and thread it under the middle strands and through the hole
- Tighten.
- Repeat all steps until you reach the length you want.

Forgot which strand you have to start with?
Just see which side the last 'side bump' was on, and that's which side the first string needs to come from.
Like if your last bump was on the left side, take the let string and cross it over the middle strands and under the right one.

Variations: (these are pictured, in order of listing, at the end)
- For double stranded, go here: http://www.elainecraft.com/instructions/var4.sq.html
- For colored, go here: http://www.elainecraft.com/instructions/var8.sq.html
- For loops on the sides, go here: http://www.elainecraft.com/instructions/var3.sq.html
If you've caught on, these are all from elainecraft.com. The pictures of these variations are from that website, and there are many more gorgeous (or manly, if you're a man) knots to use there.

Step 4: The Spiral Knot

Preview picture goes first once again...
- Take the RIGHT strand and cross it over the middle strands and under the left strand, forming an awkward '4.'
- Take the LEFT strand and thread it under the middle strands and through the hole in the '4.'
- Tighten.
- Repeat until your desired length is reached. Pay no attention to the blue bead, sorry about that.

You will notice the curve after a few knots, so don't give up!

Your string will want to flip over after awhile, and when it does, keep going, starting with the NEW right string.

Variations: I'm sorry, I haven't found any yet... If you know of any, please comment the link!

Step 5: Beads

To add beads, no matter which knot, slide the bead(s) onto the middle strings and continue knotting.
If it's big enough, just slide it over all 4 strings.

Here, I was switching between spiral and square knots, using a bead or switchback to separate.

Step 6: Switchback


To make one, take the outer 2 strings and put them in the inside. Continue knotting, but be sure to leave space for the switchback.

Step 7: Ending

Tie a knot at the end of your knots, beads, etc. Slide the pen out of the loop. Trim both ends. Make sure your knot is big enough to go through the loop, but not come out easily. All done!!! Enjoy your personally designed, made it yourself, great looking hemp bracelet!

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    6 Discussions

    Mitchell P
    Mitchell P

    2 years ago

    Thanks buddy, hadn't made a bracelet in 20 years and needed to re-learn!


    3 years ago

    Thank you!!! I understand now and it came out beautifully!!


    3 years ago

    Please HELP ME!!! Moron on board! I see your instructions for a square knot and a spiral knot...I see and read both the same. What is the difference in the two that makes one spiral??? I am missing something here. Please help.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Sure! The difference is whether or not you switch the side you make the 4 with. For square, you switch after each knot is made. For spiral, you continue starting the "4 knot" with one side throughout the whole thing. Hope this helps!


    6 years ago

    I made one for my best friend and she still can't believe I made it


    7 years ago on Step 3

    Thanks for adding the variations to the braids!! I can't wait to try this out and give some home made Christmas presents! :-)