Henna Mehndi Art : Temporary Tattoo Art

Introduction: Henna Mehndi Art : Temporary Tattoo Art

Hello Friends .. !! Hope you all are doing great.

Henna art is amazing hobby.

Henna art has become popular in each n every part of world.

Henna is best and natural substitute of permanent tattoo.

Henna color is green as it is made of green leaves and this green paste leaves very beautiful dark red or brown shade when it gets dry.

It stays for 1-2 weeks.

well I like my both hands completely covered with this henna application. I love heavy designs but some unique ideas also look fabulous.

Henna is best substitute of permanent tattoo.

Hey one more thing, have you noticed background wall of above picture..?? I created that pink floral branch on my room wall. I just tried to give new look to my room and you know it came out outstanding beyond my expectation. Creativity does not have any limit. So friends have fun with henna, make designs and explore your creative side. Good luck.

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Step 1: Henna Design DIY

hey this is really fun to apply henna on hand and try new and attractive designs. I love henna art so much. I like to use new ideas about henna design and patterns.

Full heavy hand design is now outdated. People love to have one stripe or floral vine on palm or entire hand.

Here I have shared one of my henna design video based on stripe.

Do visit my YouTube channel for more info regarding this topic.

Hope you henna lovers would love it and try it.

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