Henry's Netflix Shirt

Introduction: Henry's Netflix Shirt

„My assignment was to create a shirt for a family member of mine. This shirt should include some newly learned sewing skills, like making a button hem. I found this assignment to be very challenging for me. If given more time, I would've loved to learn more about sewing and add more to my shirt.

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Step 1: Research

My first step: To research sewing. Provided above is a photo of the sewing machine I used throughout the process. The machine was made by Brother and was a XR-7 model. This took quite a bit of time to know what sewing
machine, materials, how the machine works, creating a button hole, etc. „A few helpful links that I used:

- „https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=how+to+sew+video&&view=detail&mid=1D013C5F64F9F4E779831D013C5F64F9F4E77983&FORM=VRDGAR „https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGITrkYdjJs „https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ifx34TyA7k (I copied these links in and they look really weird now. Cleaner copies are in my powerpoint that I will Email to you)

Step 2: Practice Sewing/Learn!

-Grab on old shirt or some
fabric and begin to sew. It is important to get an idea of how the machine works.

-Another alternative: At hoppy lobby they offer little sewing machines, the one I purchased seemed to have a malfunction but it was working at some point.

Step 3: Develop Skills

„Once you can create a basic hem, try to create a sleeve, or a
button hole. You will need these skills when it is time to create the shirt.

Step 4: Gather Materials

„- While you are developing skills, you can wait for your materials to arrive! Here is what you will need:

- some type of template provided. I used one
from McCalls which can be purchased off of amazon.

„- Fabric: This can be purchased from Joanne’s Fabric store for 10 dollars a yard. I purchased three yards in cotton.

- Scissors and pins! These will be necessary for cutting out the fabric and then patterns from McCalls. Also for the fabric, a white colored pencil or chalk will be helpful. You can outline the pattern on the fabric and then cut it out.

- Thread and Sewing Machine! These are necessary for developing skills and for the final step: sewing the shirt together. I would advise to pick a thread that matches the color of your fabric.

Step 5: Create a Design

(This could change, I have provided a picture of my design in the beginning and a photo of what the shirt looks like right before I am about to sew it together)

Step 6: Cut Out Patterns From McCall and Cut Out Your Fabric

- In the McCall package, there will be many template of VERY THIN paper. With that said, cutting out the paper can be very tricky and it takes a while. And, make sure you know which papers you want to cut out! On the directions of the package is provides a number for the different parts of the shirt. What I cut out: two pieces for the back, two pieces for the front (2 on the McCall's pattern kit), a number 10 for the button hems/side for buttons.

**** I advise cutting out a larger size to leave lots of room for error***

Step 7: Pin Your Fabric

What you need: Lots of pins and a large table. It is very helpful to be able to lay out all of your fabric. Also for the pins, I would recommend the ones pictures, the white part on the top is very easy to see when they are in the fabric. I believe those are the best to avoid cutting/stabbing.

- Pin your fabric lots so that it is easy to sew when ready! Also, pin it inside out, and sew it inside out. That way, when you flip it around, you see no seams and only the front of the fabric. Finally, try to cut off excess fabric once it is pinned.

***Make sure one side of your fabric over laps the other so that buttons can be sewed on properly!***

Step 8: Time to Sew

- Start your sewing machine, make sure that it is loaded with thread that matches your fabric. Also, sew little parts at once! I suggest doing the sides, and the top (near the shoulders). Then you will be ready for the button hems.

Step 9: Buttons and Finish

You should've done some research/practice on creating a button hole and stitching a button earlier in the process. With that said, make sure your sewing machine is selected to the program that works for creating a button hole. I decided to make 5 button holes going down. After creating these holes, add buttons on the other side! The stitching on this should've already been researched in the process. Now your shirt is done!

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    2 years ago

    That's a fun school project! Do you have any photos of the finished shirt?