Hens and Chicks, the Succulent That Keeps on Giving




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It’s true, most succulents keep on giving in terms of the cuttings you’ll get, but Hens and Chicks really hit the mark on this one.

Step 1:

You’ll find out a lot about Hens & Chicks, including caring for them as houseplants, in this video.

It’s true, most succulents keep on giving in terms of the cuttings you’ll get, but Hens and Chicks really hit the mark on this one. Just look at the picture and you’ll see tons of babies, or larger rosettes for that matter, just waiting to be cut out of the patch. They’re easy to care for, require little water and actually make good houseplants.

Something to know: there are a few succulents which carry this common name. The Hens and Chicks that I’m referring to here and in the video below is Echeveria x imbricata, the 1 most commonly sold in California. There are a few Sempervivums known as Hens and Chicks which are sold across the country and much more cold hardy that this 1. And, to add to this horticultural head scratcher, there’s also a Sedum called Hens and Chicks. My goodness, this is a very common common name!

Step 2:

It’s so easy to get cuttings of succulents to grow and Hens And Chicks are certainly no exception. Watch this video to see how to take and plant succulent cuttings. The cuttings you see in the video are very pale and elongated (this is called etiolation in the plant world) because I stuck them in my utility room for over 4 months where the winter light was quite subdued. I planted them about a month ago and they’re already greening up.

I took this cutting, picture above, well over a year ago from the same plant pictured above. The color is slightly different because the mother plant is growing in full sun & this 1 grows in shade.

This particular Hens and Chicks makes a great houseplant. Just be sure to not over water it, especially in those cooler months with less light. Whether you have it indoors or outdoors, it’s easy to take cuttings of and to grow.

With this one, you’ll get great returns – an abundance of babies!

Happy Gardening!





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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    in parts of the UK these are known as houseleeks/roofleeks as they can grow on south facing tiled roofs

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Interesting. There's another succulent here also known as Hens & Chicks which is much more cold hardy than this 1. Nell


    2 years ago

    there's also a poppy named hen and chick, because of the pistil's shape!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes, that's a cool poppy. I've never seen 1 in person, just is pics! Nell