Herb Garden Spiral

Introduction: Herb Garden Spiral

This was a function ornamental garden bed I wanted to make for herbs. It took about 2 hours, with help from another person. you can use anything for the spiral, from bricks, cobblestone as I have, or wood, to make any type of bed that fits your garden!

Step 1: Hugelculture

A simple technique which store long term nutrients and get the shape we want. Pile a lot of plant material, beginning with large logs, then to stick, then to organic matter. Finish with compost and dirt. I'd suggest placing a stone perimeter so you know where to build.

Step 2: Cobble

Place your cobble stone in a spiral all the way up. Alternatively, you could use logs or other materials like brick and unfinished stone. on the mound, make a sturdy place for each stone and spiral up to the top.

Step 3: Line Dirt (optional)

I would recommend using cardboard or organic sheeting to line the hugelculture mound with a barrier. This way, you fine, growing medium on top does not sprout weeds as quickly, and endures that only plants with dedicated planting positions can initially grow. One lined, place a fine dirt growing medium on top for your plants.

Step 4: Plant and Enjoy!

Now you've worked tirelessly to create a beautiful, interesting, and productive garden feature. Good luck and enjoy your new spiral Herb Garden.

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    3 years ago

    Really nice simple idea.