Herb the Blonde Lab Birthday Cupcake

Introduction: Herb the Blonde Lab Birthday Cupcake

• Plastic gloves
• Ready Made Vanilla Icing
• Plastic wrap
• Box Cake
• Cupcake Papers
• Cupcake Pan
• Fondant
• Candy Eyes
• Food Coloring
• • Red
• • Yellow
• • Light tan
• • Black

Before you start Decorating
First bake cupcakes according to the directions on the cake box
Let them cool completely
int the icing with the light tan color

The Base and Head
Once the cupcakes have cooled you take a whole cupcake as the base, then you will use a second cupcake to cut the additional into pieces to make the head.
First ice the base cupcake.
You will be using the icing like a glue to connect the head pieces to the body.
Ice the rest of the head; use extra icing where you need it to fill in all the spaces.

The ears are made from tan fondant; the shape I used was sort of a triangle with rounded edges.
Once you make the ears you can place them on the head.
Next you place your candy eyes.

The hat is made of red fondant rolled out and cut into a cone shape, the fringe on top of the hat is yellow fondant all I did was pinched onto the hat the yellow dots are just pressed onto the hat. Now the hat is ready to be place on the head, use the icing to attach the hat.

The nose is made from black fondant and is a small oval shape.

Tips for using Fondant:
Fondant is like working with clay you have to knead it, when you add the food coloring you may want to wear plastic gloves. Always keep any Fondant not be used wrapped in plastic wrap, this prevents it from drying out. Fondant works best at cooler temperature, if you feel like it’s getting warm and soft wrap the fondant in plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator for a few minutes. When rolling out the fondant place it between 2 pieces of plastic wrap.

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