Herbert Frederico (Herbert the Pervert) Family Guy Costume

Introduction: Herbert Frederico (Herbert the Pervert) Family Guy Costume

Hello, this is my costume instructable for Herbert Frederico, I will try my best to explain everything in detail as much as I can. I have always loved this character on family guy and looked around for a costume online or a build so I figured I would upload how I made mine.

Thanks for looking! Please let me know what you think!

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Step 1: Materials

List of materials:

-hard hat
-glue or paper mache mix (i picked up a bottle of elmers wood glue)
-plastic or metal coat hangers
-green foam the kind at any crafts store that has fake plants
-duct tape
-hot glue gun + decent amount of sticks
-broom bristles (for eye lid + mole hairs on head)
-walker (i got mine off of craigslist for $18/ try some hospital dumpsters)
-blue robe
-slippers/ footwear for the night
-white shirt
-long johns
-mini floor pads for tables(liver spots/ moles for head)
-cutting tools and bowls for glue

Step 2: First Few Steps

I took the hard hat and cut off the brim except enough for a nose to rest on as support. I then took the hanger and cut it in half but left the 45* angles on the ends for the "butt chin". I then used the hook at the top of the hanger and hot glued that for the nose. Please see the pictures I have attached they will help clarify what Im saying.

Step 3: Starting to Paper Mache

I now have the basic frame for the head, so I wanted to re-enforce the helmet with some added support so I duct taped around the frame of the chin. I then started to paper mache the frame and added a lot on the chin so it really was a prominent butt chin. I added lines of hot glue on his forehead above where his eyes were going as wrinkles under the skin. I added multiple layers of paper mache and let them dry in between so the helmet would become strong. While that was drying I started to shape the eyes and teeth and ears out of a small block of the green fake floral foam? Im sorry I dont know the name see pictures. Once the shape of the head was to my liking I glazed it with a layer of extra glue to be safe, and to give it a glaze layer that smooth-ens the paper mache. If you want to you can try lightly sanding it.

Step 4: Painting + Finishing Touches

I mixed "spring pink" and 'wicker white" and a little of a random peach color I found in the drawer. I used the white for the eyes and then added the floor buff dots for the liver spots. Then I added the stray plastic broom hairs and hot glued them onto the back of the head. I used black paint for the eyes. I do not have any pictures of the wig being put on because I had 2 days to make it before Thursday night and put it on when I got there with duct tape. I cut the wig in a baseball leather 8 shape and hot glued it on later, the hair that I trimmed off of the wig I used for the eyebrows.

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    Stewie g
    Stewie g

    7 years ago on Introduction

    hey beleve me , Herbert the pervert is jimmy savile's brother is'nt he.