Herbs Stabilizer

About: Why pay for stuff when you can make, build, hack, macgyver it. They are better and cheaper 100% DIY.

This DIY stabilizer keeps the herbs up right and prevent the stems of breaking apart, so it's nice to have a stabilizer to rest, and at the same time gives me more space on the pot to plant more herbs, win win situation

On this quick project i recycle and repurpose a handel of a water bottle to make this stabilizer, cheap is the name of the game.

Check out the video for how to!

Step 1: Watch the Video

Watch the video and see how easy it is to make this project.

Step 2: Gather the Material and Tools

This is a easy one, you will need for this project:

- Water Bottle (with handel)

- Wire Cutter

- Knife ( I used a swiss army knife)

Step 3: Get Started

Let the games begin!, you can follow the video step by step, because it's simpler.

Step 4: -

You're still here, go and make this project!



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