Herman and Lilly Monster

Introduction: Herman and Lilly Monster

These costumes clothes were totally put together from second hand clothing from Goodwill and Salvation Army.
*Head piece for Herman was made from scratch by making a death mask of the head and pouring latex in to mold.
*Head piece was spirit gummed to the face and then base make up of grease paint was added.
* Hair for Herman was an old wig that we cut to fit the latex hand made head piece.
*All makeup is done personally by us that are just amatures.
*Lillys dress sleeves were curtains that I found and cut and sewed onto the spagetti strapped lavender dress.
*Pipping on the dress was dark purple and came from scraps my mother had.
*Wig was an older wig that was previously used for a witch costume only I put a streak of white on it.
*Base makeup is grease paint tinted green and purple.
*Necklace was made by taking a black rubber bat and glueing it to a cardboard backing and spraying it silver and attaching it to an old costume jewlery necklace that I already had.

We have both always loved the old movie series of " THE MUNSTERS" aka: Herman and Lilly

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