Hero (based of Tron From Tron Uprising)




want to build your own lego robot well now you can his name is hero (he's based of Tron from Tron uprising) now make your own robot or try to make mine to compete in the robot game's or make your own game battle's!


End of Line.

Step 1: Body and Arms

get the first mold of the 1st hero factory body

Step 2: Legs

the shen part with 1 hole and the thigh 1 hole

Step 3: The Clear Blue Head

now get a blue hero factory head (brain attack) and snap it on

Step 4: The Weapon

put the red piece in the black piece with the whole and stick the black piece into the on the (back) of white piece

Step 5: Hero Core and Chest Plate

now put the hero core into the chest plate

Step 6: Snap Visor and Put Helmet on

put on the helmet on 1st then on the back head there's a line and on the visor (brain attack) there's a clip on the end so snap

Step 7: Add Armor Hands and Feet

get 4x white medium pieces, 4x white small pieces, the weapon you can stick on the back, and the chest you can stick it in the body (t shape) snap on 2x white feet, and 2x white hands

Step 8: T Shap Hands to Put on Weapon

t shape piece on the back and now put it on the hand then u can put it back on his back (red circle)

Step 9: And You're Done

enjoy and have fun



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