Herowood: How to Make a Fingerboard Street Kicker

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I took the pictures for this one thinking I was just going to make another, when it turns out I didn't have enough wood left. Basically what you want to do is make a triangle out of cardboard by bending the cardboard like you did if you made the Herowood Miniramp. Then, I just glued a face of wood on the front of it. All of the angles are up to you.

Alright, here we go...

Step 1: Grab Some Cardboard, Wood and Wood Glue

I used Elmer's wood glue, Basswood from the craft store, and cardboard from the recycling bin.

Step 2: Bend the Cardboard Along It's Creases in Three Places

This will create a triangle shape. Mine turned out to be scalene, and about an inch tall. Ignore the piece of wood in this picture.

Step 3: Grab a Spare Piece of Wood

The piece of wood should be a few millimeters shorter than the base of the cardboard triangle. This will make the ramp stronger.

Step 4: Slide the Wood Above the Base and Tape It Inside the Triangle

Wait, in the before step did I just say just getting a piece of wood will make it stronger? No, no, this will make it stronger.

Step 5: Add the Face of Wood

Glue this onto the cardboard with wood glue, and clamp as needed. The wood sometimes bends up.

Step 6: Decorate the Wood Face

This step is optional. I recommend waiting until the glue is dry to decorate.

Step 7: Make Some Adjustments

This involves trimming the ramp and making sure the ramp doesn't break when you use it.

Step 8: Put a Small Bubble of Tape on the Base of the Ramp

This is so the ramp doesn't wobble when you shred it.

Step 9: Shred It!

You can use this ramp to ollie gaps, get big airs or add it to other ramps.



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