Build Your Own 3D Printer

3D Printer running on


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Step 1: Design

The first step was to decide about the general mechanics and mechanism inside.
My 3D is modular as everything is screwed together there fore it can be transferred to something else if I want to.
It' running on Cartesian movement method( as seen in the photos) and on v-slot Extruded aluminum rails.
Some specification of my printer:

- Modular: Can be dismantled
- Runs on Cartesian coordinates
- Runs on open source electronics and software

Step 2: Electronics

This 3D printer runs with Arduino Uno, Ramps 1.4 shield and Marlin Firmware. Also equipped with:

- Heating Bed
- Nema17 stepper motors
- A4988 Drivers for Ramps
- Nozzle Fan
- Board fan

At the moment working on wireless connection

Step 3: Assembly

All structure and fittings are done with the Openbuilds parts.In Aistralia sold via Makerstore

Step 4: Firmware Tweaking

I needed to tweak Marlin to my printer setting. Updating Feed rate, Hot end fan, bed size

Step 5: Slicing and Printing

having built the printer the last step is to make the printer talk to the slicer in my case Cura.

Step 6: Upgrades

I had several nozzle clogging with MK-8 Extruder. therefore decided to add a new one with standalone heat sink and fan. Had to reduce the hot end temperature to 220°C and now it runs good.

The part being printed is in ABS.

Step 7:

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