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The other day I was at the retail store Target. In the clearance jewelry case was a gold pendant with 7 cubic zirconium stones lined up vertically from largest to smallest. I think it was on clearance because some how the pendant got bent, making the stones look misaligned. I bought it for a whopping 5 bucks and it even came with a gold colored chain.

I took a coat hanger and made a polished ring. Then I polished a little hex nut and soldered it on. The stone is set with gorilla super glue. I think it looks nice especially for only costing 75 cents.

The process to making this is very similar to my Crystal Ring.



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    I admire your clever ingenuity and your skills. But, I would not try to give this as an engagement ring to a woman about whom I truly cared. Women have a different way of looking at economizing on things like engagement rings. My experience says they look on it as placing very little value on them.

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    I looked at all of your Instructables. I can only wish I had the artistry in metal you obviously have. I love your treble clef made from wire. This ring would be a great ring to give your daughters when they want to be grown up like their mother. It might also work for Valentine's Day, as St. Jimmy suggested. However, a woman you marry wants to know she is really special. She will show the ring you give her to all of her friends and family. She wants to hear them express their admiration for it and for you. She does not want to hear, "Isn't that cubic zirconium on an 8-32 hex nut glued to a polished steel band?" But, if she is a woman worthy of you, she will not expect you to spend more on her ring than you can afford, either.

    If the woman I wanted to marry didn't appreciate the time and effort put into making a ring to express my love, then clearly I would know I was marrying the wrong woman!
    Which would you prefer;
    "It it unusual isn't it! - My husband made that especially for me, it took him hours, and every time I look at it, it reminds me that he loves me. I can just picture him making it and thinking of me while he did."
    "It does look expensive doesn't it! - My husband walked into a shop and picked that out off a shelf and bought it for me because he was trying to impress me. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of all the hours I sat at home and ate dinner by myself as he worked back late to pay for it. I can just picture the Indian guy in the sweat shop making it while he struggles to feed his family, or the slaves in Africa that found the diamond, and what their life is like"

    .. Ok, well perhaps a little too far on that last one, but not by much... however...

    Here is the engagement ring I made, including the box, and .... she was VERY impressed and happy with it...

    Love your ring - and the band is a coat hanger? how cool. The band on mine was a brass tap fitting. :o)


    monetary value has little meaning when it comes to love. If the woman really loves you, she'd really enjoy this. If she really loved you, she should appreciate the hand crafted ring.

    now, realistically thinking, you could easily apply the techniques in this instructable to more "precious" materials. but honestly, it doesn't get any more precious than giving someone something you made yourself. especially if it looks this great.

    "Isn't that cubic zirconium on an 8-32 hex nut glued to a polished steel band?"....if I heard that, I'd say "YES! Can you believe how talented & creative he is?". I wish my husband would take the time & intiative to make something for me,but he doesn't-he doesn't have a creative bone in his body, even though I know he loves me. At nearly 50 years old, I would definately wear something like this just because it is unique & different, & I'm confident enough with myself to wear what I want,not something to please other people! If you look around at the younger generations,you'll see a lot of them are that way also, my son & dil have very untraditional wedding rings that cost them very little. I can't say I've always had this opinion though,unfortunately. And you don't show a woman she's special by spending money on them. My 1st husband bought me expensive roses, jewelry, jewelry boxes,etc.,etc. for birthday & holidays (then let me figure out how to pay the credic card bills)-the rest of the year he was a jerk who drank too much, partied with his friends, told me how stupid I was, spent all of our money, then had an affair with someone I thought was my friend! And if someone will only admire something my husband gave me because he went out &spent a lot of money on it , then I would straighten them up real fast or they wouldn't be my friend! My husband & I just celebrated out 22nd anniversary this weekend. When we 1st got married, he would call a florist &have them deliver expensive($50) flower bouquets for special occasions(which he was doing)-they didn't mean a thing to me because it's easy & thoughtless to pick up the phone. I told him I would rather he go to the grocery store & get me a $10 bouquet, or a single rose, or even go to the woods & get some wildflowers that he picked out ON HIS OWN & hand deliver them. He has ever since & that's what makes me happy! My favorite flower is dandelion - because when my kids were little, they would pick them & bring them to me with so much love & happiness!

    My wife's grandmother once let me look through a bunch of jewelry she was taking to the second hand store. I picked out what thought was was real gold, melted it into a blob and, hammered it into a coin. I then made a ring and gave it to my wife for Christmas. Out of all the things I got her, she liked that the best.

    When I put this instrucable together I titled it tounge in cheek not really thinking anyone would take it seriously. I have since changed the title. Thank you for your comments.

    I've looked at all the work you've done too. I appreciate that you take the time to show folks how to do all those things that are really good to know though may be intimidating to do.

    The way I see it, and perhaps only me, is that when I am at work making 'money' for a living, and then decide to spend some of that money on something special for my wife it's really not that special it's just money. However, if I spend time 'making' something for my wife or children, the whole time I am working on it I am thinking of them and of how they will like it and how they will react when they get it. From that perspective alone, the time spent thinking of the person is worth a lot more than the time spent making the money to spend on them. That being said, not a lot of people share this perspective, and it's hard for your wife/girlfriend's parents and friends to understand what your time is really worth.

    Yet another great instructable, makes me so glad I decided to 'follow' you

    Not sure why you mentioned engagement rings, although I could have missed something. However, not all women are interested in expensive jewelry. If my husband were to give me a ring this pretty that he made himself I would be incredibly excited about it, especially if it cost a whopping 75 cents!

    Maybe for Valentines if your girlfriend/wife has a maker mentality? Maybe not girlfriend, she may take it a little too seriously

    once again, you inspire me with your imagination and talent. I am a woman and i love this ring. it is unique, always original since no two could ever be the same and it is hand made by someone who really cares and puts thought into each item with one person in mind. how much better could that be? the awesome thing about his ring is it can be worn by both men and women. i really think this is cool.
    one question: how do you keep your "gifts" from rusting? do you use some kind of a lacquer or finish?
    would love to hear.......
    thanks yet again.

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    I've noticed that the more a steel surface is polished the less likely it is to rust. Rust is not a problem though unless the piece is in constant contact with moisture. This ring would fall under that category. My sister has a few of my pieces and uses clear nail polish with sucess. I've heard there's a liquid called "cold blue" used for gun metal. I'll try it if I ever come across it.

    i'll have a look around here for it. i'm dying to try this one as well. i am a ring person myself and this has so many different possibilities.
    thanks again for sharing!!!!

    I loved making one on my own.. it took me a long time to solder it but im super happy with the final results!! here is a picccc... sorry i know its the worse photo ever