Hexagon Flower Afghan or Rug

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This design is inspired by vintage hexagon flower quilts. Instead of hexagons, I used flat circles, made on my Addi Express Professional Knitting Machine. This technique produces a rather heavy afghan, which is also suitable for a rug if used with a non-slip mat underneath.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

My Afghan was 47″x43″. To make an Afghan / Rug this size, you will need approximately 2,576 yards of worsted weight yarn. I used scrap yarn for the flowers, and white for the background.

You will also need an Addi Professional (22 needle) Knitting Machine,

A metal Yarn Needle,

& a small pair of Scissors.

To make this a different size, you will need to determine how much yarn the project will require. To do this, you would draw out your afghan or rug, then count how many circles you need to make in each color. Each circle requires about 16 yards of yarn, so multiply the number of circles in that color by 16 to get the approximate number of yards you will need in that color. It is always better to have more yarn than you need than not enough. My Afghan required 91 white circles and 122 colored circles. Each circle measures approximately 3 & 5/8" in diameter.

Step 2: Watch This Video to Learn How to Make the Flat Circles on Your Addi Pro Knitting Machine.

Step 3: Then, Watch This Video to Learn How to Join the Flat Circles Together.

Step 4: Weave in All Tails and Block If Desired.

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