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Introduction: Hexagonal Wood Light

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In this Instructable, I am going to show you how I made this modern Hexagonal Light from wood. For a detailed video please check my YouTube channel for the video.

For this build I used:

  • 1.8m strip of softwood
  • Grey Paint, Yellow Paint
  • Wood Glue
  • Masking / Painter tape
  • Light Cord + Bulb
  • Drill Bit

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

I started by cutting all the wood down to shape. First I had to work out what sizes I needed, in hindsight I made this light a little too big, but I think it works. I worked out I wanted the tops to be 30cm long, making the most out of my 1.8m of strip wood. Each of the mitre cuts needs to be 30 degrees, so I set my mitre saw at a 30 degree angle and began cutting all the wood. After the first cut, I measured what the length of the actual mitre was, 1cm, and marked out the length of where to start the next cut.

I worked my way along the wood until I had cut 6 equal pieces. Next I found the middle point on top of one of the pieces and drilled a hole large enough for the light cable to fit through.

Step 2: Glue Up

It's always hard to glue up odd shapes, so I used the tape method. I laid out two strips of masking tape long enough to cover 3 edges laid out end to end. Then I lined up the wood with the mitres facing each other, then I put wood glue in each of the edges and then folded them up. I did this in two halves to make it easier, then glue the the two halves together. I added extra tape all around the edges and let this dry over night.

Step 3: Painting

Once the glue had fully dried I removed all the tape. Then I fully taped up the inside of the hexagonal and painted the entire outside with some grey furniture chalk paint. I let it dry for 2 hours and applied another coat all over. Once that was dry a few hours later I removed all tape and carefully taped up all the outside areas that I had already painted grey. I made sure to take my tine to ensure I got a really clean line. I love the grey and yellow combination of colours so went with a nice strong yellow colour for the inside. Again I gave a couple of hours in between coats until I was happy with the look.

Step 4: Electrics

I bought this light cable set on eBay and the light end is already wired and has 2m of a fabric yellow colour. It matches the yellow paint and I think looks really good. I threaded the cable through the hole I made earlier and wired the 3 pin plug. I am no electrician, but if you do not know what you are doing always consult a trained electrician.

Step 5: Finished

That's the light complete! You can mix and match any colours, or make it bigger or smaller. If you make it be sure to send me a photo!

Step 6: The Shopping List

This is a big list of all the materials and equipment used.


1.8m Wood

Furniture Chalk Paint

Masking tape

E27 Flex Cable Bulb Holder

Edison Bulb

Tools Used

Mitre Saw

Drill Press

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