Hexapod Spider Robot Based on Beaglebone Green Wireless

This recipe comes originally from HERE

It a spider hexapod with six legs, each leg has three servos to control. it has totally 18 DOF. you can program various movement for it. whatever posture,gait, pas, you can easily program them on bbgw. More over you can make extensible functions with BBGW's

Step 1: Assemble the Skeleton

To assemble the skeleton, you need to follow the sequence as below. At the same time you need to adjust all the degree of servos before your installation. Otherwise it would be very hard if you want to modify the angle of the joint.

Firstly install the legs;

secondly install the thigh and the body;

last thing is to assemble them all together.

Step 2: Wire Linking

You need two board to implement this project.

One is the servo controller, which can provide powerful motor driving energy to the 18 servos.There are two level for the board,one is the VL for the servos,it's about 5v.Another is Vss for the MCU on the board, it's about 7v.Thus you need a level shift with huge currency to change the voltage of the power output. The second board I choose Beaglebone Green wireless. It's powerful and have mutiple interface. I can make further functions like voice controlling, remote controlling , face recognizing function and self balance controlling.Here I simply have programmed some movement steps inside. The two board use serial port to communicate with each other.

Step 3: Movement Program

There something wrong in my github so I have to upload part of my code directly here.I will upgrade my code later.

HERE are part of the movement I programmed in the bbgw.

Step 4: Make.Improve.Communicate.

After making the Hexapod, I've been thinking how to upgrade it and there are many way to upgrade it.I hope there are other hackers like my hexapod and communicate with me. Then together we make a more powerful and multi-functional Hexapod- Pro.

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