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About: I want to build my moon base with remote controlled robots and solar sintering.

I built an open source, arduino-based, bluetooth hexapod robot.  I currently drive it from my PC simulator (also open source).  I'm trying to figure out how to drive it with Android phones, iPhones, PS3 remotes, and Wii remotes.  I'm also writing assembly instructions because I would like to sell this robot as a kit to students, hobbyists, and anyone who thinks robots = awesome.

Instructables on how to build your own here.

Development facebook page.



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    Great build, thanks for sharing!

    I was amazed by how hexapod tech got improved in these years. I believe it's the open source spirit that makers like aggrav8d have that brought the hexapod industry this far.

    I might make that

    hi aggrav8d i am a student in my last year and i am making a spider robot with 4 legs as a Graduation project i complete the hardware but i have problem in the arduino code please can u help me and send the code to my address ...i will be grateful u because the project must delivers at the end of the next month and my future depend on this project...
    my Emile: asaadhadeer@yahoo.com

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    Some Ideas : - Since the sixaxis controller works in linux, you could use a really tiny computer mounted on top of your hexapod, connected to the displayduino via usb and add a mini bluetooth dongle (check out : fit-PC2 http://www.fit-pc.com/web/fit-pc2/fit-pc2-specifications/ and for the bt dongle http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11866 ). - There are two ways to control your robot from your iphone : one is using the bluetooth chip on the iphone to talk directly via rfcomm to the bt chip on your robot ( check this project : http://code.google.com/p/btstack/ ), the second way is by using the fit-PC2 as a wifi router and write an app (on the iphone) to send control info via wifi to an app running on the fit-PC2, which will then send the control info to the displayduino via usb. - If you can't buy the fit-PC2, you can check out the fonera+, a tiny router from fon, on which you can install linux ( http://openwrt.org/ ) and write your own apps in c/c++ ( https://shop.fon.com/FonShop/shop/FR/ShopController?view=product&product=PRD-018&language=en ) Hope that helps...

    " I'm trying to figure out how to drive it with Android phones, iPhones, PS3 remotes, and Wii remotes." have you taken a look at GlovePIE? its a pretty nice program for making and running scripts for Wiimote input. im pretty sure you could make a script that will work with your bot.

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    Thanks! I have looked at them. What I want to do is drive my hexapod directly from a portable device like an android phone so that there is no need for a PC at all. Any thoughts?

    only thing i can think of is to code it yourself. not sure, but i think it supports both python and java. if youre working with bluetooth, i would go with python. not sure how to program so i cant be of to much help, sorry.

    I'm a programmer by trade so I can figure that part out. Unfortunately Apple has rejected me from the MFI program that would give me access to bluetooth on their devices (the platform I wanted the most). I'm glad Android doesn't have such limitations.

    you could use a cfw psp (Custom Firmware Playstation Portable) (preferably a 1000 model since it has IR) but what you could do is either use the PSPs Wifi or IR to control it, plus even though the CFW community is dying down, there are lots of tools and forums out there for it. Im sure with a little coding you could write an app for the PSP allowing direct control over the Hexapod

    I had not considered that approach. Thanks! At the moment I'm exploring Android options. Unfortunately I have yet to obtain an android phone for testing purposes.

    thats the thing i hate about apple. they try to regulatre what apps are on their deices so nobody makes anything malicious, but it ends up being a dictatorship.

    on a side note, android does not support python out of the box. however, google has an Android SDK.

    hello, Im Hila very nice job,. I;m Interesting in this project, but i'm at the first experience if u possible send me simple code for moving my hexapod,thank for help.

    You have to use a USB connection to update the firmware anyways, so if you don't mind drive-by-wire then you're all set.