Hey Diddle Diddle

Introduction: Hey Diddle Diddle

My daughter wanted to be her favorite nursery rhyme for Halloween, Hey Diddle Diddle.  It is easy enough to create a cow costume or purchase one.  The moon is another story. 
First start with a wagon and make sure the seats are down.  Then duct tape in a small toddler chair all the way around the wagon.  Then stuff foam board (I got mine out of a business trash) all the way around the chair so it wont move.  Then take long foam board pieces and build a 3 way wall around the chair but not in front of the chair (approximately 2 foot high).  Then starting at the back of the wagon where the foam board is attached with duct tape start running the photo mat board straight up.  As you begin to move up, you will need to add foam pieces for support.  You will also need to trim the side pieces in to shape.  I found it easier to leave them long and then trim them down.  The photo mat is strong enough to hold its shape and flexible enough to bend without crushing.  After you get the top of the moon in to shape, bend the last piece inward and start working down in to the chair.  It takes approximately 2 full pieces to do the inside top and three to do the back..  The front pieceof the moon is built up from inside the front of the wagon and out, shape in to moon and then down and attach to bse of wagon with duct tape.  Same concept, the mat will be flexible enough to shape.  The skirting on the bottom is actually used to hide mistakes and give the moon definition.  It is blue fabric hot glued in scrunches to the plastic red wagon.  The satin sheets I took off the bed while my husband was sleeping.  I used spray adhesive and cut around the moon.  I left the area where the chair was open so that my daughter could sit inside of the moon.  I decorated the outside with garland and battery operated lights.  Stuck a cat on top, made a fiddle and the rest is trick or treat fun!  It made it easier to purchase letters and stick them on the side.

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