Heydiddlediddle's M1 Thompson (but Shorter)

About: My name is Emma, I'm 14, and I love building knex guns, even though I'm not too great at it. I like airsoft, chess, karate, and my little pony. (don't judge me)

I always thought the M1 Thompson would be alot cooler if it had a shorter barrel. Inspired by Heydiddlediddle's recent post, I decided to build one! Sorry if the pictures are blurry. =D

....Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand after changing my nail polish for the fifth time today (and doing some geometry, but who cares about that), I have posted new and updated pictures! Enjoy! <3



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    Well, the last K'NEXer on here who pretended that they were a girl turned out to be a guy...I find it hard to believe that you are a girl. No offense if you are, but you must agree with me that there are VERY few if not no girls that "play" K'NEX.

    Technically, it is a .45 cal, so it could be cool as a pistol... it looks almost like an UZI if you put a really short magazine in it.

    Wow. You pretty much nailed it. I can't see anything on mine that you missed ('cept the barrel lol). You're pretty awesome at building from pictures.