Hi 5 Photo

This tutorial helps you to share your favorite photos with your friends. This allows keep in contact with relatives and friends or if you prefer it to new people everywhere.

Step 1: First You Must Have an Account on This Website .

First you must provide your personal data in the section JOIN, that is in the right part of the page. Once you have joined Hi5 opens your account and it begins to "do something".

Step 2: Select Your Best Photos

What follows is to select the photo that you want to share with your friends, which you must do is to go to the folder in where you have your photos and choose the one who please to you, remember that between less they weigh your photos you can raise (the maximun size of file is of 2 MG) and if you have Prodigy Infinitum to share your photos it will be easy, quickly and fun.

Step 3: Looking for the Folder

In the home page, in the right superior part is an option where
it says to raise photos,click it, when it opens, is going
to appear a rectangle that it says to examine.

Step 4: Looking for the Folder

That wil opens a window in which you must look for the folder where is the
photo that you are going to choose.

Step 5: Almost Finished

When you find your photo click it and is going to appear a button that says to raise it,click that button too and the photo raises directly from your galery

Step 6: Ready!

Ready, you can raise up to 20 photos depending on the size, you can write any commentary you want giving a click to the option that is at the right of the photo.



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